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Varro is my handsome Sweedish Warmblood x Arabian. When I first got him in 2010, it was a rough start for the both of us. We had several broncy moments and several arguments about who was in charge and how we were to behave. Now he is my best buddy. I love him so much. He has grown into a big Mamma's Boy and most other people think he is a spoiled brat. I am going to have back surgery in June and in 2 years should be able to start riding and showing again! Varro and I are going to be working on my bronze medal with the USDF!

UPDATE: Surgery went very well, but showing in upper level dressage might not be in the cards for me. My back up plan is to keep showing at the lower levels and perhaps even dabble in endurance riding. I plan to do 1 or 2 LDs (limited distance) in 2017. Watch the main page for updates! 

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