Olympus Ranch Stables

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Productive Days

First, let me just say that I love summer. Right now my Facebook feed is filled with memes longing for fall and all things pumpkin spice... I am not amused! I want summer to last forever! This is how I feel about Summer:

I know you have heard the "Summer Song." Yup, now it's in your head too.

Tonight is a perfect example of why I love summer. After work I went straight outside and got so much done with EACH HORSE! 

First up was Sephy. I worked with her and tying. She is very smart and really tries to think her way through things. She also got groomed and I cut her mane. It has been super hot and while I was grooming her I noticed how hot her neck was under her mane, she now has a pretty "halter" mane! I know most people pull manes, but I just do not have that kind of time, a sharp pair of scissors and 5 minutes and done! While she was tied I also worked with her and her front feet. She is getting very good about them.

Next was a trip to the round pen for Varro. He was very good and I think he is ready for a ride this weekend. I am not sure I will actually get to step into the saddle on Saturday, but it is a goal. Once I was done working Varro, I left him in the round pen and cleaned his corral. He enjoyed rolling and relaxing while I scooped the poop!

Lastly I took Aspen to the round pen and worked her for about 15 minutes. She was happy to get out and stretch her legs. She also got to stay in the round pen while I clean her corral. Each horse got groomed and a generous application of fly spray. 

Summer is my favorite season. I could not get this much done in the winter, the season of darkness: it is dark when I leave for work AND dark when I get home.