Olympus Ranch Stables

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Almost ready to step up into the saddle!

So, it has been a long road to recovery but it has been worth every single minute. Hubby and I put up some 24x24 corrals so the horses can eat separately but not have to be in the barn. There are 10x12 shelters in each corral so the horses will be spending their days in the corrals and nights out in the turnout.

For as much as it rained/snowed this winter, it didn't take long for things to dry up! It has been just over a month since our last rain and my turnouts are already brown, brown....brown. I need to figure out a good, efficient and inexpensive way to irrigate my turnouts. For right now I have one of those "traveling tractor" sprinklers and it would work much better if I didn't have 5 acers to water! Any ideas out there?

Today Varro has a farrier appointment to put shoes on. Since the round pen is up, we are ready to get to work. I have been free lunging him for a few weeks and he is ready for some surcingle, and under saddle work. I think I will be able to step up into the saddle in about 2 weeks! So excited!

Sephy is still doing well. She is huge, over 15H and is pretty easy going so far. She popped a splint so I have not started any training with her yet. She halters, loves her fly mask and lets me mess with her front legs. She is still iffy about her hinds and needs to get better at leading. Other than that, she is doing well. I love her dearly and her personality rocks!

Aspen is also about ready to be back under saddle. She is getting back into shape from having Sephy and wants a job.

Enjoy the pictures of my babies!