Olympus Ranch Stables

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Let there be SUN!

I cannot believe it! We had sun today! Actual shadow casting sun! Hopefully this is a sign of weather to come. I am really itching to get to work on the horses. I am hoping to get the round pen put up in the next couple of weeks. Sephy should be 100% by then and ready to learn some manners. Varro is oh, so ready to get to work. Aspen could take it or leave it, but could stand to lose a few pounds. I know it has been at least 2 years since Varro has been in regular work so plan on taking about 6 weeks to put him through his paces on the ground before I even attempt to step up in the saddle. Aspen will need a bit longer. She is fat as sassy! Sephy really needs to learn: respect the human space; stand quiet for the farrier; stand quiet for deworming and how to wear a bareback pad. I will be starting her on the basics and hope to be doing in-hand trail obstacles with her by the end of summer.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Happy birthday Sephy!

What a difference a year makes! My sweet filly turned 1 year old yesterday! She has really grown!

She gave me a present for her birthday... A vet call... She has been a bit lame for a few days so I called the vet out for a farm call. She "popped a split" or in other words inflammation of the ligament or perhaps a slight tear... She is fine but will be on bute for a few days and I will cold hose her a few times a day. The vet did say she needs to lose a couple pounds. She is her mother's daughter alright. I walk by with a bale of hay and they both gain weight! So, her introduction to the round pen will be delayed a few weeks!