Olympus Ranch Stables

Monday, November 21, 2016

A Stroll Down Memory Lane.....

I took a picture of Sephy tonight and am shocked at how much she has grown....

Here she is just a few hours old
Here she is at 3 days

Sephy at 3 weeks old

1 month old in this one

I spent her 2nd month in the hospital, but here she 3 months old. HUGE growth spurt!
Here she is at 6 1/2 months. What a chunkers!

I took the next 2 pictures last night. That rail is 5 feet tall!

She is 7 months old, and looks like a pony instead of a young filly.

I hope you enjoyed this little stroll through memory lane! Can you believe how much she has grown?

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sephy is completly amazing!

So, for the last few weeks, I have been able to work with Sephy for about 15 minutes most every night. She is now reliably halter broke! She will stand still while put her halter on and take it off. She backs and side steps with a touch of my fingers and a soft "cluck" AND most importantly she is leading fairly well. All of this is still being done in the safety of the stall, not outside yet.

We had a vet appointment last week and Sephy was a complete rock star! She stood with her hind end in the corner quietly and respectfully for her 3, count them, 3 shots. When the vet first laid eyes on her, she was amazed at how much Sephy has grown! In all honesty, Sephy is nearly 14hh and is built like a pony. She does not look like a 7 month old filly at all. I will take the camera to the barn this afternoon and get some new pictures of her. Aspen also got her shots and her teeth floated. Sephy was very calm and just chilled out with me on the other side of the stall while Aspen got her teeth done. I was really pleased with how well behaved Sephy was during the entire ordeal. Next month is a second round of shots (for Sephy) and a teeth check for Varro. I hope by then that Sephy will know how to tie.

When I fed this morning, I took a few minutes to play with Sephy. I need to get her ready for her first farrier appointment. So far, I can get her to lift her front hooves. I have not tried cleaning them yet, nor have I tried lifting the backs. She is brilliant and if I spend 15 or 20 minutes a night with her, I am confident she will be a good girl. One big plus is that she really likes people and loves attention, scratches and loves. She is not quite as food driven as Aspen, but she looks as if she has never ever missed a meal (haha). I am quite happy with this sweet girl!

In other news, I have a follow up appointment with my surgeon next month and am hoping to be able to start doing ground work/round penning in January! Please cross your fingers! If all goes well, Sephy will be learning to round pen for her New Year Resolution!