Olympus Ranch Stables

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Follow up

I had my follow up appointment with my surgeon yesterday and got some great news! I am healing very well. I got to see my X-Rays and was surprised to see just how much hardware I have in my back. I not only have the 4 screws and 2 rods on the back of my spine but I also have 3 screws on the front as well! I will have an adventure every time I go through airport security LOL I can start weaning myself off my back brace. I still need to wear it when I drive or when I am walking on uneven ground or when I am walking long distances. (I am not sure what "long distances" are but I am sure it is farther than the car to the house!) I am also going to be starting physical therapy. I am just thrilled to be on the mend so fast!

Now for the "Don't List." I am not to work with the horses yet, no ground work and no leading them around. I can't lift the full feed buckets yet either, but I can start to work up to it.... slowly. I am not to push myself too hard. (One of the main reasons I have been referred to physical therapy)

In other news, my hubby has fixed our brush-hog and has been mowing down the big pasture. It looks so amazing! Now that the grass is cut, I can get an idea of where I want to place the arena and round pen. The terrain is really uneven out there, much more so than I had thought, long grass really covers up a lot...

Varro is getting bored and really wants to work. Aspen is a wonderful mother, however, she does not discipline Sephy at all. She lets that filly run all over her! Sephy has gotten spoiled and quite pushy. She still loves people and runs up to the fence line whenever she sees people and loves to be scratched and pet! I have my work cut out for me when I get cleared to start ground work with the horses!

All is well, and getting better!