Olympus Ranch Stables

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Almost 6 Weeks Old!

I have been having so much fun with Persphone. She is so smart, curious and oh so friendly! I have been having a little trouble taking pictures of her since whenever I head out to the turnout to try, she is always following me around asking for pets and scratches!

Tonight I went out and tried to "hide" and take a few pictures of her. She figured it out pretty quickly and ran across the turnout as soon as she found me! Silly girl!

After I spend some time trying to take pictures, I usually spend some time "training" her. She thinks it is fun and hasn't caught on that I am teaching her things. So far she has learned to move both her fore and hindquarters when I tap on her and "cluck." She also gives her head to pressure. When I gently tug on the sides of her halter, she will tip her head in that direction. I am working on her backing away with just a cluck and a light tap, but she hasn't gotten it yet.

I have found out that she loves, Loves, LOVES to eat! The only time I can take her picture is when she is eating! Case in point:

I am so lucky! I rolled the breeding dice and hit the total jackpot with this filly! I can't wait to see how she sheds out! Oh! By the way! She has really pretty greenish/hazel eyes!