Olympus Ranch Stables

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Finally Got a Horsey Day!

I was home sick yesterday, my back was seriously out and today was not much better. At least I could walk today. My back is still killing me and my emotional state is somewhat unstable... and by that I mean it has been a YEAR since I have been in the saddle. I really need some horse therapy, so when I got home from work I was bound and determined to get some horse time in!

First up was Varro. I haltered him up and headed for the round pen. He almost lead ME to the round pen! He was ready to go to work. I asked him to canter in each direction a few times and he had a great time. He was so full of himself and was snorting and blowing, really putting on a show! Since it has been so long since either one of us did any exercise, he was nice and sweaty after about 15 minutes. I walked him back to his stall and let him hand graze on the way. I love this boy!

Aspen was next on the roster. She got a bit worked up when I took Varro away to the round pen. (Ugh here comes the buddy sour mare again.) So I gave her a good grooming and then rinsed her off. Sephy just stood there so she got spritzed as well.

After Sephy figured out she was all wet, she decided to run around and get her wiggles out, until she figured out I was standing there and she came over for some scratches...

Sephy's personality is really beginning to shine. She is so friendly and loves to be around people. Tonight I started working on her legs. I rubbed all four legs down past her knees/hocks (I couldn't bend over farther due to my stupid back) and she just stood there and let me do it. She is smart, calm and really wants to be around people! She is going to be so much fun. I took these pictures tonight. I am amazed at how muscular and mature she is at only 5 weeks old!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

1 Month Birthday

Persephone turns 1 month old today. She has really blossomed and is very people oriented. I tried to get some cute pictures of her but she kept following me around!