Olympus Ranch Stables

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Play time is over (for now)

I have spent nearly every night fawning over Persephone, it was time to get some work done tonight. Varro's stall was in sad shape so I HAD to strip it and put new bedding down. A few weeks ago my AWESOME hubby bought me a dump trailer from TSC (Tractor Supply Company) that hooks up to my riding lawn tractor. I closed the gates and let Varro have full run of the entire turnout area while I stripped his stall. It only took two trips with that awesome trailer! He had fun running around and eating the long grass. I was worried that Aspen would not want him any where near the baby, but my worries came to nothing. She was happy to see him and had no trouble letting him near the fence line! SO that means they can share a fence line at the new house when we move!

It was dark by the time I got done with all of my chores and I have school tomorrow night so, I will try to take new pictures on Thursday! She will be a month old on Friday! OK well, technically four weeks but whatever!

I am going to close this short post with a comparison between her 4 hour old picture and one I took a couple of nights ago:

She is growing SO fast!