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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

First Day Out in the World!

Aspen and Sephy have been in their stall since Sephy was foaled. Tonight Aspen was at the end of her rope. Sephy was spinning "cookies" around the stall, bucking and rearing up on Aspen. She was being the proverbial spoiled brat, too much energy and not enough room to let it all out. I "baby proofed" the turnout and opened the gate! Here are a few pictures what followed next!

Sephy spent a solid 25 minutes running full blast around the turnout. She was giving Aspen heart attacks left and right! Aspen did NOT want Varro anywhere near Sephy and let him know it! Here is a little video of some of the shenanigans.

After about 25 minutes Aspen had enough. She trotted back into the stall, called for Sephy and the filly ran right in. I closed the gate and fed dinner. Not too shabby for her first day out in the big world! Before I turn them out tomorrow, I will have to separate Varro from their fence line to help Aspen enjoy her time out better!

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