Olympus Ranch Stables

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Hello, my name is Sandy and I'm a "stalker..."

So the time has come for Chris and I to start house shopping. I have been looking at properties that are for sale for the last several months and have honed my stalker skills. We have 4 properties that we are going to go see this weekend. I know how far each of them is from both my work and Chris' school. I have found them on google earth satellite and looked over every inch of the property. I have even looked up similar properties in the area and how much they sold for. I am a property stalker...

So, back to the possible properties:

1st property is WAY out of our price range, but has been on the market for awhile so we MIGHT be able to negotiate it into our price range. It also has a large shop for Chris and a barn with pasture area for me.

2nd property is at the top of our price range. It also has a large shop for Chris and big barn for me and a little 1 bedroom mobile home on the property to use as guest quarters.

3rd is right at our optimal price range. It has a barn but no shop and there are no pictures of the inside of the house so I am not sure if we will like it.

The last property is below budget but does not have a barn. It does have an old green house that has over grown that we might be able to convert into a barn. We are meeting our realtor to take a look at them all this weekend! I will keep you all posted. I would really like to have a safe, dry, warm barn for Aspen to foal out in!