Olympus Ranch Stables

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The uneven arena

I have been entertaining the idea of tilling up my arena, laying construction fabric down and putting down sand. (We are renting) I know we will be here for at least a couple more years, but am having a REAL hard time justifying putting so much money into property that I do not own. That said, I worked Varro mostly at the trot today. He is getting more sure-footed in the uneven arena and I am learning where the "bad" spots are and try to steer clear of them.

Aspen is still a neurotic mess when I take Varro to work him. I have just learned to compromise and I move her into the round pen once I warm Varro up and just leave her there so she can see us working in the arena. Tonight was no different. She started hollering for Varro the instant I put his halter on. (I hadn't even taken him out yet!) I had to round pen Woobie for a solid 30 minutes as he was so full of himself in addition to him wanting to holler back whenever Aspen called. Once he calmed down and decided it really was time to work, I tied him to the trailer and got Aspen. I tacked him up, boots, bell boots and all!

We did our normal warm up but then I asked for a nice working trot up the long sides, before long we were doing 20m circles at the end by the gate (most even ground) and doing laps around the arena in each direction. We slowed to a walk to do a few loops and to change directions.

He was a really good boy tonight. He got a whole hand full of treats after our ride! I fed him his dinner at the trailer again and he is really learning to stand nice and quiet there. I am hoping to trailer  out for a nice trail ride sometime soon! (Depending on how co-dependent Aspen still is. I am clinging to the hope that this is a phase)