Olympus Ranch Stables

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Epic Fail

So blogging the alphabet was an epic fail. I am here to start over! Not blogging the alphabet, but tracking Varro's training and Apen's pregnancy. I know I will not have the time to blog everyday, so my new goal is to blog about my training sessions every week. So, first things first: Aspen in now about 75 days in foal! Here are some pictures!

Here is our lovely mother-to-be Aspen! This foal will be stunning!
This is the follicle at our first AI on April 21st, the second AI was the 22nd.
AI was a success! The first picture of our little foal!
60 picture of our foal!
She is due towards the end of March so I will be looking for some Celtic names to go with St Paddy's Day! I am just so excited that I can barely stand myself!

Varro was full of himself during our training session this morning! When I tied him to the trailer for grooming a tacking up he tried to run me over! REALLY!?!?!? That was a seriously bad idea. We went straight to the round pen where I let him throw as big a fit as he wanted to... while he was RUNNING in circles! (Insert evil laugh here) We played the 3.2.1. game. Let me explain: In the round pen I have him canter in one direction for 3 minutes. He must maintain a consistent speed. He can buck or carry on all he wants to as long as he is moving forward at a consistent rate. At the three minute mark I have him change directions, same rules apply. Then change directions for 2 minutes each side, then 1 minute each side. I end the 3.2.1. game with quick turns. I ask him to change directions every 30 seconds (ish) until he has all of his attention on me. He must "hustle" out of the turn but this is at a trot instead of a canter. By the time we were done with the game he was ready to stand quietly for tacking up. He was a sweaty mess so I did not finish grooming him, just tacked him up. I rode him for about 15 minutes at a lose rein walk to cool him out and then took him back to the trailer. All he could say was "Yes Ma'am! No Ma'am and Whatever you say Ma'am!" He stood quietly for untacking and I gave him a super good rise off, which he enjoyed a lot. I took him back to his corral and am prepping for the fire works tonight. We are bringing the cats into the garage and hopefully there won't be too many fireworks going off tonight due to it being so hot and dry here.

Have a happy 4th every one!