Olympus Ranch Stables

Saturday, February 7, 2015

The New Digs

So today was moving day. It was pouring all day long. At about 1:30 there was a minor break in the down pour so my hubby helped me quickly load the horses and off we went to our new barn. We unloaded them and took them to their new bedrooms!

Varro in his new stall. He is right next to Aspen with a doorway the separates them.

Aspen's stall across the doorway from Varro. She settled in quickly.

Aspen enjoying her dinner.

Varro eating his dinner.

Beautiful grooming area!

HUGE indoor arena to ride in, anytime I want!

Varro worked himself into a sweaty mess before he finally settled down for the night.

Aspen likes her stall and it's nice to have both horses dry!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Tomorrow's THE Day!

I didn't take pictures when we went to go check out the barn the other day... I forgot my camera! UGH! But trust me when I say my babies are going to love it there for the next couple of months! They will both be in a 12x12 stall with an attached run. The run is shared with the stall next door so it is pretty large for a run! The horses get alternate day turnout in the run, seems like a nice set up! The barn also has a hot water wash rack, grooming area AND most importantly in INDOOR ARENA! I am so excited!

I have a lot to do for the move tomorrow. My panic attacks are becoming less and less frequent especially going into day number 4 of rain. I am charging my battery as I type and will put my camera in my purse tonight before I go to bed. I WILL take pictures of the move and write a longer post tomorrow!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Throwing in the towel

I GIVE!!!!

I love the rain here and appreciate all the promises for Spring it brings, but DANG! I NEED TO RIDE! My attitude is severely suffering without my "usual" daily rides on Woobie. I have decided to board Aspen and Varro for the next couple of months in order to have unlimited access to an indoor arena, 12x12 stalls (in a REAL barn) with attached runs and a wash rack. I am headed over to check things out tomorrow after work. Board is pretty "reasonable" considering it is full board with hay and bedding included. I must admit that I am already having small panic attacks thinking that Woobie and Aspen won't be 5 minutes from my backdoor....

This is hard. I would welcome some comments from anyone who boards about the schedule they have and how they are able to keep the bond with their horses without being the one to provide ALL of the daily care! On the other hand I am really looking forward to riding "everyday" after work and having my babies clean and dry in a barn. I will be posting pictures and a report about our "new barn" tomorrow so stay tuned.