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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Getting ready for winter

Last winter things were a soggy mess. Due to circumstances beyond my control (my house has not sold in CA yet) I will not be able to board my babies this year. I am sadden by this as I LOVE the girls at the barn and love having daily access to an indoor arena. I am just going to have to adapt and overcome....

I will miss this wonderful indoor arena!

I will have to settle for just riding on the weekends, and trailer in to MVEC every other week for a lesson. I also plan to start trailering out for trail rides once Aspen foals out and is not so co-dependent on Varro. We are going to start prepping to do a Limited Distance Endurance Race or two next year! More on that as I learn the ropes.

This is us on a trail ride in CA a couple of years ago. Think we have Endurance potential? LOL

I have been planning how I am going to separate Aspen and Varro when it comes time for her to foal out. I have decided to "enclose" 3 sides of the large shelter that is in the turnout and use some of my fencing panels to give her (and the foal) a smallish run, about 18 x 48. I will put TONS of wood pellets and large flake shavings in the shelter for a nice soft place for bedding down. Once she is a week out or so from foaling, I will top it off with some straw. I am getting so excited for this foal! I will post some pictures when it is ready.


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  1. You are always so organized. I am proud of you! Sorry about the lack of stables for Varro and Aspen. I'm sure they'll do just fine as you are giving them every comfort. It will be harder for you without an arena. The stables were very nice, but the girls will "adapt and overcome " as someone else I know continually does!