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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Back to the Basics

So I am still riding in my uneven arena and am working on the basics. As you may recall, Varro likes to toss his head in the air and hollow out his back when I ask for a walk to trot transition. Today was no different. Varro needed almost zero round pen warm up today so we tacked up and went to the arena.

We did some walking warm ups and I used that time to really check for the uneven spots. We then went around the arena walking for 2-3 strides then trotting for 4-5 strides. We went in both directions and I made sure I kept a loose rein on him. He had to keep his own balance. After about 20 minutes he was reaching down, looking for contact and really powering from behind when I asked for the trot. I shortened the reins a bit to get a nice contact with him and we began to trot around the entire arena. I asked for a walk to cross the diagonal and continued to trot in both directions. Varro was excited to work! He offered NO arguments, NO "backtalk" and NO tantrums! It is so nice to have my Woobie back.

Since I have decided not to make the sand arena, and wait until I have purchased my own place, I have decided that next year I am going to dabble in Endurance Riding with Woobie. Aspen is due to foal out in March and once she foals, I am sure she will not care one little bit if I take Varro and trailer out for a few rides. We need something to keep us occupied and moving forward. Without a proper arena I feel that I am just spinning my wheels in dressage. Once I have daily access to a proper arena we will revisit working towards my medals.

So, here goes my introduction into Endurance..... Wish us luck! 

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