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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Good horse week!

The 3.2.1 Game was the ticket. Varro is still "steppin' and fetchin" and trying hard to be a good boy. He is standing quiet at the trailer and has not offered to argue on any of our rides. I loaded him up to go to a lesson and ended up canceling it so we just came home. He was quiet the entire ride there and home. Unfortunately he hit his head and scrapped it up pretty good, right where the browband sits on his forehead, so we won't be riding for a few days. Looks like we will have a few round pen sessions and a spa day!

Aspen is doing well. She is starting to get very buddy sour and does not like it when I take Varro. She will holler almost the entire time I have him out for training. That is pretty unlike her; she is usually cool as a cucumber and doesn't let anything bother her. It is going to be a long pregnancy! I hope she calms down when I am able to start working her again. When we hit the 100 day mark, I will start working her slowly to get her mind happy again!

Varro over the winter, he was so fuzzy!

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