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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

E is for Excitement

I am so excited that I am finding it hard to concentrate. I keep daydreaming about 2 things: What Aspen's foal will look like and Buying my house as soon as possible.

I have been looking at several Draft cross Sporthorses and here are a few possibilities that I think the foal might look like!

Welcome to
This one is the closest to what I think I will get from her.
friesian crosses for sale, friesian cross sport horses for sale
This little cutie has the basic body build I think the foal will have.
<b>Draft</b> <b>Horses</b>
I had to add a picture of a buckskin tobiano since I desperately want Aspen to pass on her color to this foal!
I have also been property hunting and have found one in particular that I absolutely love. I WISH it were next year so I was in a better position to buy it. It is pretty far from work but it has an indoor arena, 8 stall barn with a heated tack room, room for hay and a shavings bin! There are 2 turnouts with room to make more! The house is also beautiful with plenty of room for us and a generous fenced back yard for the dogs! Heavens to betsy I really want this house! For now I must be content with daydreaming....

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