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Sunday, April 5, 2015

B is for Breeding and broken bones

Yesterday was a big day at the barn. We had our farrier appointment as well as the breeding exams for Aspen. First, the farrier appointment:

There was a clinic going on at the barn yesterday (Part 2 of the Intro to Dressage Series) so Varro was completely beside himself. I did not have the opportunity to lunge him to get his wiggles out prior to the appointment so he was a tad bit of a stinker. RD, an excellent and patient farrier, handled him with ease. I do love the crossties at the barn and plan to install crossties in my "new barn" if there aren't any already there. I have been using those crossties everyday to groom and tack up both horses so when I used them for the farrier, they were very good and knew they couldn't get too uppity.

Aspen was also very good for the farrier except one tiny little misstep... this is the broken bones part of the post. Aspen stepped on my foot. OUCH! She had no idea she was even on my foot and promptly moved as soon as she figured it out. (cue sharp elbow to the shoulder here) I was nearly brought to tears! I was wearing muck boots, rubber much boots, so there was no protection there. Once the farrier appointment was done, I had about 45 minutes until the vet was scheduled to arrive so I went into the office and took off my boot and sock. I was extremely surprised to see it had already bruised up nicely and was quite swollen. There was a lot of talk that it could be broken and I should go get it X-Rayed ASAP! Well, the Marine part of me said "Rub dirt in it; your fine." PLUS I still had a vet appointment to start the process to get Aspen in foal. I could NOT miss that. This is my last chance for a foal! (more on that later) SO I wrestled my sock and boot back on and limped on with the rest of the day. Once I got home I iced and elevated it and took a couple of Advil. I did not get an X-Ray because it felt much better after the ice. Now, honestly I do not think it is broken, worst case scenario it MIGHT be a slight hairline fracture but seriously, I don't think so.

Now for the breeding part. I am so proud of Aspen. She had her first breeding exam and was such a doll! The vet did sedate her a tad but she was still incredibly good, patient and tried to just stand quiet no matter what was happening behind her. I love this sweet girl to bits! I sure hope she passes on that wonderful attitude to her foal. Her cultures should be back in 4 or 5 days and we will try to inseminate her the week of the 20th. PLEASE send us all the good vibes you can spare! If all goes well, this time next year we will have a beautiful buckskin sporthorse colt.

Happy Easter All!


  1. Good vibes going your way! Hope your foot heals up soon! Post pictures of it!

    1. Thanks Chica! I posted a pic of my foot LOL