Olympus Ranch Stables

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Still looking

We have seen nearly 10 properties. We even put an offer on one but got out bid quickly. I know our "unicorn" is out there somewhere, it just hasn't been listed yet. I was hoping to find a property and get moved in time for Aspen to foal out in a BARN but that it not very likely. We are looking for at least  acres, at least 3 stall barn with feed/tack and hay areas and a nice house. Oh, and we would like to stay in the same general area that we live now... Elusive HAHAHA

So, on the horse front, Aspen is as big as a tree. (no pun intended, well maybe a little pun intended) I will clean her up this weekend and post some pictures! I cannot wait for her to foal!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Hello, my name is Sandy and I'm a "stalker..."

So the time has come for Chris and I to start house shopping. I have been looking at properties that are for sale for the last several months and have honed my stalker skills. We have 4 properties that we are going to go see this weekend. I know how far each of them is from both my work and Chris' school. I have found them on google earth satellite and looked over every inch of the property. I have even looked up similar properties in the area and how much they sold for. I am a property stalker...

So, back to the possible properties:

1st property is WAY out of our price range, but has been on the market for awhile so we MIGHT be able to negotiate it into our price range. It also has a large shop for Chris and a barn with pasture area for me.

2nd property is at the top of our price range. It also has a large shop for Chris and big barn for me and a little 1 bedroom mobile home on the property to use as guest quarters.

3rd is right at our optimal price range. It has a barn but no shop and there are no pictures of the inside of the house so I am not sure if we will like it.

The last property is below budget but does not have a barn. It does have an old green house that has over grown that we might be able to convert into a barn. We are meeting our realtor to take a look at them all this weekend! I will keep you all posted. I would really like to have a safe, dry, warm barn for Aspen to foal out in!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Light at the end of the tunnel

First off I must apologize for my lack of posting. It is time to come clean....

I have a serious back injury (not horse related) that makes it hard for me to even walk most mornings. It is getting worse at an alarming rate. It has been a major hit to my motivational level and I am not able to ride at all. I am starting to get frustrated and hate not being active and outdoors! I finally got an appointment with the VA (Veteran's Administration) for my back. I have been referred to the VA Spinal Clinic for further testing. (MRI, Epidural Injections or even surgery) In the mean time I have been put on a new medication that is supposed to help, but not make me feel loopy. I have been taking it for a week and I think it is helping. The first day I felt a MAJOR difference, but the longer I take it, the less of a difference I feel. I am hoping to get a ride in today... Stay turned and we'll see.

Part Two:

I ended up having a great day today. I did not get and saddle time but did some wonderful ground work with Varro. We played the "5-4-3-2-1 Game" and then did a great deal of desensitization games. All in all we were at it for just over an hour. Varro was one big sweaty mess by the time we were done so I walked Aspen out and put her in the round pen while Varro was tied to the trailer. He got a good grooming and loved every second of it.

Last week I rearranged my fencing panels to prepare for Aspen to foal out. While Aspen and Varro are connected at the hip now, they will not be once she foals. I am trying to prepare for that now, before the winter rains come. I still need to get some wood to partially enclose the large shelter. I will post some pictures next week.

So, I will be doing more with the horses now that I am on some new meds and feeling better.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Getting ready for winter

Last winter things were a soggy mess. Due to circumstances beyond my control (my house has not sold in CA yet) I will not be able to board my babies this year. I am sadden by this as I LOVE the girls at the barn and love having daily access to an indoor arena. I am just going to have to adapt and overcome....

I will miss this wonderful indoor arena!

I will have to settle for just riding on the weekends, and trailer in to MVEC every other week for a lesson. I also plan to start trailering out for trail rides once Aspen foals out and is not so co-dependent on Varro. We are going to start prepping to do a Limited Distance Endurance Race or two next year! More on that as I learn the ropes.

This is us on a trail ride in CA a couple of years ago. Think we have Endurance potential? LOL

I have been planning how I am going to separate Aspen and Varro when it comes time for her to foal out. I have decided to "enclose" 3 sides of the large shelter that is in the turnout and use some of my fencing panels to give her (and the foal) a smallish run, about 18 x 48. I will put TONS of wood pellets and large flake shavings in the shelter for a nice soft place for bedding down. Once she is a week out or so from foaling, I will top it off with some straw. I am getting so excited for this foal! I will post some pictures when it is ready.


Sunday, August 9, 2015

Back to the Basics

So I am still riding in my uneven arena and am working on the basics. As you may recall, Varro likes to toss his head in the air and hollow out his back when I ask for a walk to trot transition. Today was no different. Varro needed almost zero round pen warm up today so we tacked up and went to the arena.

We did some walking warm ups and I used that time to really check for the uneven spots. We then went around the arena walking for 2-3 strides then trotting for 4-5 strides. We went in both directions and I made sure I kept a loose rein on him. He had to keep his own balance. After about 20 minutes he was reaching down, looking for contact and really powering from behind when I asked for the trot. I shortened the reins a bit to get a nice contact with him and we began to trot around the entire arena. I asked for a walk to cross the diagonal and continued to trot in both directions. Varro was excited to work! He offered NO arguments, NO "backtalk" and NO tantrums! It is so nice to have my Woobie back.

Since I have decided not to make the sand arena, and wait until I have purchased my own place, I have decided that next year I am going to dabble in Endurance Riding with Woobie. Aspen is due to foal out in March and once she foals, I am sure she will not care one little bit if I take Varro and trailer out for a few rides. We need something to keep us occupied and moving forward. Without a proper arena I feel that I am just spinning my wheels in dressage. Once I have daily access to a proper arena we will revisit working towards my medals.

So, here goes my introduction into Endurance..... Wish us luck! 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The uneven arena

I have been entertaining the idea of tilling up my arena, laying construction fabric down and putting down sand. (We are renting) I know we will be here for at least a couple more years, but am having a REAL hard time justifying putting so much money into property that I do not own. That said, I worked Varro mostly at the trot today. He is getting more sure-footed in the uneven arena and I am learning where the "bad" spots are and try to steer clear of them.

Aspen is still a neurotic mess when I take Varro to work him. I have just learned to compromise and I move her into the round pen once I warm Varro up and just leave her there so she can see us working in the arena. Tonight was no different. She started hollering for Varro the instant I put his halter on. (I hadn't even taken him out yet!) I had to round pen Woobie for a solid 30 minutes as he was so full of himself in addition to him wanting to holler back whenever Aspen called. Once he calmed down and decided it really was time to work, I tied him to the trailer and got Aspen. I tacked him up, boots, bell boots and all!

We did our normal warm up but then I asked for a nice working trot up the long sides, before long we were doing 20m circles at the end by the gate (most even ground) and doing laps around the arena in each direction. We slowed to a walk to do a few loops and to change directions.

He was a really good boy tonight. He got a whole hand full of treats after our ride! I fed him his dinner at the trailer again and he is really learning to stand nice and quiet there. I am hoping to trailer  out for a nice trail ride sometime soon! (Depending on how co-dependent Aspen still is. I am clinging to the hope that this is a phase)

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Nothin' like doing nothin!

Today was my first ride in a couple of weeks. I have a "bad back" and some days are better than others where that is concerned. Today was a wonderful day for my back so, riding was definitely in order!

I took Varro out and round penned him for about 10 minutes than tied him to the trailer and got Aspen out. I put her in the round pen so she would settle down and stop working herself into a tizzy. I tacked up Varro and headed for the arena.

My arena is still pretty uneven so I did "on the buckle" work. We worked on a swingy and rhythmic walk with a few "western pleasure jog" transitions. I rode for about 30 minutes and loved every second of it! He was such a good boy.

Once we were done, I untacked him and tied him to the trailer. I moved Aspen to the arena and fed them both dinner. Varro stood at the trailer for at least 45 minutes eating dinner and getting groomed. LOVE THIS HORSE!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

A Spa Day

I had every intention of riding this afternoon. It was so hot and humid today and I decided that Varro could use a spa day. I knew I was going to have him out for quite a while so I moved Aspen into the arena (right next to the trailer) so she would not spend the next several hours all stressed out calling for him. I tied him to the trailer with his hay net and went to work. He was filthy!

He is starting to get the hang of things, he is almost my "old" Varro from before we moved here. He was quiet at the trailer all afternoon! I would give him treats every once in a while for standing quiet. He let me trim his mane, braid his forelock and tail and put a tail bag on. He loves getting pampered so much. After the spa day, I turned him out into the arena with Aspen for the rest of the afternoon until it was time for dinner!

I also gave Aspen a bath, trimmed her mane and braided her forelock as well. She, however, will need a spa day part 2 tomorrow so I can tackle her tail! It is horrendous! I broke my brush when I was brushing out Varro's tail and there was NO way I was going to get Aspen's "dreadlocks of tail" done with a comb! I will post pictures of her tomorrow once I get her finished!

Enjoy the pictures of my golden child!


Sunday, July 12, 2015

Good horse week!

The 3.2.1 Game was the ticket. Varro is still "steppin' and fetchin" and trying hard to be a good boy. He is standing quiet at the trailer and has not offered to argue on any of our rides. I loaded him up to go to a lesson and ended up canceling it so we just came home. He was quiet the entire ride there and home. Unfortunately he hit his head and scrapped it up pretty good, right where the browband sits on his forehead, so we won't be riding for a few days. Looks like we will have a few round pen sessions and a spa day!

Aspen is doing well. She is starting to get very buddy sour and does not like it when I take Varro. She will holler almost the entire time I have him out for training. That is pretty unlike her; she is usually cool as a cucumber and doesn't let anything bother her. It is going to be a long pregnancy! I hope she calms down when I am able to start working her again. When we hit the 100 day mark, I will start working her slowly to get her mind happy again!

Varro over the winter, he was so fuzzy!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Epic Fail

So blogging the alphabet was an epic fail. I am here to start over! Not blogging the alphabet, but tracking Varro's training and Apen's pregnancy. I know I will not have the time to blog everyday, so my new goal is to blog about my training sessions every week. So, first things first: Aspen in now about 75 days in foal! Here are some pictures!

Here is our lovely mother-to-be Aspen! This foal will be stunning!
This is the follicle at our first AI on April 21st, the second AI was the 22nd.
AI was a success! The first picture of our little foal!
60 picture of our foal!
She is due towards the end of March so I will be looking for some Celtic names to go with St Paddy's Day! I am just so excited that I can barely stand myself!

Varro was full of himself during our training session this morning! When I tied him to the trailer for grooming a tacking up he tried to run me over! REALLY!?!?!? That was a seriously bad idea. We went straight to the round pen where I let him throw as big a fit as he wanted to... while he was RUNNING in circles! (Insert evil laugh here) We played the 3.2.1. game. Let me explain: In the round pen I have him canter in one direction for 3 minutes. He must maintain a consistent speed. He can buck or carry on all he wants to as long as he is moving forward at a consistent rate. At the three minute mark I have him change directions, same rules apply. Then change directions for 2 minutes each side, then 1 minute each side. I end the 3.2.1. game with quick turns. I ask him to change directions every 30 seconds (ish) until he has all of his attention on me. He must "hustle" out of the turn but this is at a trot instead of a canter. By the time we were done with the game he was ready to stand quietly for tacking up. He was a sweaty mess so I did not finish grooming him, just tacked him up. I rode him for about 15 minutes at a lose rein walk to cool him out and then took him back to the trailer. All he could say was "Yes Ma'am! No Ma'am and Whatever you say Ma'am!" He stood quietly for untacking and I gave him a super good rise off, which he enjoyed a lot. I took him back to his corral and am prepping for the fire works tonight. We are bringing the cats into the garage and hopefully there won't be too many fireworks going off tonight due to it being so hot and dry here.

Have a happy 4th every one!  

Sunday, April 19, 2015

K is for Keepin' the Faith

It has been a few days since my last post... Sorry... Life just gets in the way! Aspen had her ultrasound yesterday and she has not produced a follicle yet. The vet will be back out on Monday to see how she is progressing. Please send us good vibes for a successful insemination process!

As a reminder here is a picture of the sire, Raleighs Full Moon:

Here is a picture of Aspen:

And last but not least here is what I HOPE the foal will look like:

So we will be keeping the faith for the next year until we have a healthy foal on the ground!

Monday, April 13, 2015

J is for Jittery Bundle of Nerves

Tomorrow Aspen gets her shots to bring her into heat. I am so nervous. The barn manager is going to give them to her and text me at work to let me know how it goes. I may have trouble sleeping tonight and tomorrow...heck I might have trouble sleeping for the next 2-3 weeks until we know if she is in foal!

Short post tonight but I am very distracted and need to get some housework done!

Friday, April 10, 2015

I is for Insomnia...sort of

It has been a pretty long week. Last weekend I could not sleep in past 6:30am to save my life. I am really feeling run down this week and desperately need to get a good night's sleep. I am hoping to be in bed by 10:30 and sleep until at least 7:30!

If in the event I cannot sleep in, I do have a list of chores I can do to keep me busy. I am going to start getting things ready to bring my horses home the first weekend of May. I have an entire list of things I need to get done like fixing the fence line, (Aspen keeps pushing it so it leans over) I need to clean the "stalls," clean up the feed/hay shed and prep the new coop and run area.

Speaking of coops, I did get 9 of the cutest chicks! I have 2 Ameracaunas, 2 Golden Sex Link, 2 Black Sex Link, 2 Astrolorps, (Please forgive the spelling) and 1 Rhode Island Red! I have 3 or 4 more chicks than I really want, but wanted to ensure I didn't "lose" any... I didn't. They are all still alive and chirping! Within about 2 weeks I will get their coop and run put up and move them outside soon after that.

So, I am off to bed in a few minutes and PLEASE wish me luck that I can sleep in!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

H is for Heroes


This is for my brothers and sisters in arms who are still in harms way, never made it back or still have healing to do.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

E is for Excitement

I am so excited that I am finding it hard to concentrate. I keep daydreaming about 2 things: What Aspen's foal will look like and Buying my house as soon as possible.

I have been looking at several Draft cross Sporthorses and here are a few possibilities that I think the foal might look like!

Welcome to
This one is the closest to what I think I will get from her.
friesian crosses for sale, friesian cross sport horses for sale
This little cutie has the basic body build I think the foal will have.
<b>Draft</b> <b>Horses</b>
I had to add a picture of a buckskin tobiano since I desperately want Aspen to pass on her color to this foal!
I have also been property hunting and have found one in particular that I absolutely love. I WISH it were next year so I was in a better position to buy it. It is pretty far from work but it has an indoor arena, 8 stall barn with a heated tack room, room for hay and a shavings bin! There are 2 turnouts with room to make more! The house is also beautiful with plenty of room for us and a generous fenced back yard for the dogs! Heavens to betsy I really want this house! For now I must be content with daydreaming....

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

D is for Distraction

In true over-achiever style I decided I didn't have enough going on in my life, I needed a distraction. So, I started taking college classes (I'm only a year away from my BA) Tonight was my first night of class. I had a good time and think I will enjoy this class quite a bit!

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures yesterday. Things are progressing as expected with Aspen. Her cultures came back clean! WAHOO! Nest step is to give her the injections next week, then breeding the following week!

I have BIG plans this weekend to get ready to bring my babies back home. I will be cleaning up from a winter of neglect, bleaching the water tanks, sprucing up the hay/feed shed and stocking up on bedding, hay and feed.

If all that is not enough to cause a distraction, I got offered an expansion of responsibilities at work! I love being busy... But when am I going to learn the difference between busy and slammed????

Monday, April 6, 2015

C is for Camera

I finally uploaded the pictures I have been promising for the last couple of weeks. Enjoy!

PS. There is also a picture of my foot included, the lighting isn't very good and the bruises don't show very well, but beware all the same.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

B is for Breeding and broken bones

Yesterday was a big day at the barn. We had our farrier appointment as well as the breeding exams for Aspen. First, the farrier appointment:

There was a clinic going on at the barn yesterday (Part 2 of the Intro to Dressage Series) so Varro was completely beside himself. I did not have the opportunity to lunge him to get his wiggles out prior to the appointment so he was a tad bit of a stinker. RD, an excellent and patient farrier, handled him with ease. I do love the crossties at the barn and plan to install crossties in my "new barn" if there aren't any already there. I have been using those crossties everyday to groom and tack up both horses so when I used them for the farrier, they were very good and knew they couldn't get too uppity.

Aspen was also very good for the farrier except one tiny little misstep... this is the broken bones part of the post. Aspen stepped on my foot. OUCH! She had no idea she was even on my foot and promptly moved as soon as she figured it out. (cue sharp elbow to the shoulder here) I was nearly brought to tears! I was wearing muck boots, rubber much boots, so there was no protection there. Once the farrier appointment was done, I had about 45 minutes until the vet was scheduled to arrive so I went into the office and took off my boot and sock. I was extremely surprised to see it had already bruised up nicely and was quite swollen. There was a lot of talk that it could be broken and I should go get it X-Rayed ASAP! Well, the Marine part of me said "Rub dirt in it; your fine." PLUS I still had a vet appointment to start the process to get Aspen in foal. I could NOT miss that. This is my last chance for a foal! (more on that later) SO I wrestled my sock and boot back on and limped on with the rest of the day. Once I got home I iced and elevated it and took a couple of Advil. I did not get an X-Ray because it felt much better after the ice. Now, honestly I do not think it is broken, worst case scenario it MIGHT be a slight hairline fracture but seriously, I don't think so.

Now for the breeding part. I am so proud of Aspen. She had her first breeding exam and was such a doll! The vet did sedate her a tad but she was still incredibly good, patient and tried to just stand quiet no matter what was happening behind her. I love this sweet girl to bits! I sure hope she passes on that wonderful attitude to her foal. Her cultures should be back in 4 or 5 days and we will try to inseminate her the week of the 20th. PLEASE send us all the good vibes you can spare! If all goes well, this time next year we will have a beautiful buckskin sporthorse colt.

Happy Easter All!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Long time no post! And more!

It has been over a month since my last post. This is not due to nothing going on, but due to SO much going on! I am loving the barn where I am boarding and we just started the process to get Aspen in foal! WAHOO, but more on that later.

My friend over at Avandarre In Dressage is blogging A-Z so I thought I would jump on the band wagon too! This will guarantee I post something everyday for at least the next 26 days! HAHA So, here we go!

A is for Action

During the last month I have been burning the candle at both ends so to speak. Two weeks ago I got to go visit Southern California. I was looking forward to it until I had been there for a few days. I could not wait to get back HOME to Washington State! I missed the rain! Can you imagine?

I have been working both horses nearly every night, well, each horse gets done every other night, so it turns out that I work one of them nearly every night. AK (the young lady from church) has been coming out every Saturday and had been doing a wonderful job working with Aspen. Both horses are doing great at our new barn. I enjoy the friendships I have made there and love having the support when I ride!

I have also been "Property Stalking." I know we aren't in a position to buy right now, or in the near future, but I cannot resist looking at the barns and houses that are available in my area! I have (of course) found a favorite that I check on every. single. day. It is lovely! It has a covered arena, an 8 stall barn and a beautiful house. I REALLY want it! (but you know that saying goes about Hell and ice water)

So in a nut shell I have been super duper busy! Action, action, action!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

My First Clinic

I had so much fun today! I rode in my first clinic! Let me start from the beginning:

I got to the barn at 8 AM and fed my horses. My scheduled ride was at 1:45 PM so I knew I had to plan my day carefully. After Varro got done eating I took him for a walk around the barn and into the arena to explore the scary corners. I lunged him for a few minutes and he was pretty good, almost bored. I put him back into his stall and the lecture portion of the clinic started at 9 AM.

The lecture was amazing. I learned quite a bit about the geometry of the arena; natural and mechanical aids; how to apply your aids correctly and how they affect the horse's movement. As part of the demo, the clinician had us all "trot" in a circle and tell her which one of our legs was bearing the most weight. Then she had us "canter" in a circle. I was SO surprised to figure out that the OUTSIDE hind is the one that is controlling the weight and movement in the canter! WOW! LIGHTBULB!

After the lecture there were several demo riders who showed examples of what she had talked about in her lecture. After the demo we broke for lunch. I took that opportunity to get Varro out and do a quick lunge and then put him back. Lunch was delicious! The barn owner/manager made some Mexican tacos/nachos with cornbread. Goodness!

Once lunch was over the first rider went. I loved watching and learning. Then, it was MY turn!

I got Varro out and tacked him up quickly. We did a quick lunge and then attempted to mount...He was SO fidgety at the mounting block. We started our lesson and BINGO, Varro started bucking and carrying on. Once we worked out the bugs, he settled right down and went to work! It was a wonderful ride! We worked mostly on moving forward willingly and doing trot/walk/trot transitions. I felt amazing after the lesson! I even got a round of applause for staying in the saddle while Varro was throwing his fit!

What a great day!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The aftermath

I had my first chiropractor appointment today and it felt really really good as I left the Dr.'s office...until I fell down the stairs. That coupled with my rough ride last night makes for s upper sore body tonight. By the time I got to the barn tonight I was wiped out! I ended up just feeding my babies and coming home. Tonight is a bust.

On a happier note I am riding in a Dressage Clinic on Sat! I am hoping to get some great pictures and will post all about it then!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Brat Attack

Varro was a complete and utter BRAT tonight during our ride. Let me start from the beginning:

I went to his stall and called him from his turnout. He came right up to me and put his head in the halter. I thought to myself, this is going to be a great night! (how wrong I was) I took him to the grooming area and started brushing him out and he would not stand still, at all. I thought to myself that maybe I should have lunged him first, but was still optimistic about our ride. I finally got him tacked up and went to the arena to lunge him.

He was a good boy! He did everything I asked and was having a good time. There was another horse in the arena (a young green broke OTTB) and Varro was polite and didn't act up...until they left the arena. He started bucking and whooping it up. I thought "Oh boy, here we go!" We lunged for another 15 or 20 minutes and then I bridled him up and get ready to get on. He would not stand still at the mounting block but I managed to get on and he was NOT wanting to work at all.

I started with walking the short ends and trotting the diagonals. He immediately started bucking and carrying on when I asked for a trot. BRAT! Every time I asked for a trot he would buck and act the fool. We did some collected walk, free walk transitions and I finally got some good trotting out of him. When I asked for a nice relaxed walk, more attitude! REALLY??? I spent the next 15 minutes trying to find a positive stopping point! UGH!

Once I had even the slightest try on his part, I pat his neck told him he was a good boy and hopped off. Then he lost his bloody mind! He was sooo uppity that I could not take his bridle off and put his halter on. So, I said, " You wanna be a brat? You'll be a sweaty brat!" I lunged him until he was tired and covered in sweat. He was still a bit excited but controllable. I took him back to the barn and untacked him and groomed him until he had cooled down some. I put him to bed with dinner and put his blanket on and headed for home.

I'm still a little frustrated, but honestly I can't expect him to be a first class citizen until I have been working him regularly! Tomorrow is Aspen's turn! I sure hope she is better than he was!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Finding A New Routine

The horses have been at our new barn for 2 days now, and big surprise, Varro is having trouble adapting to his new surroundings. Today is the first day of our new routine. When I got to the barn I took him out for a serious lunge session! We were at it for over 45 minutes. He was tired and happy when we walked back into the barn. I fed him is dinner and he ate! YAY! (He did not eat his breakfast) While he was eating his dinner I put out the bedding pellets in his stall. When he finished eating I gave him a bit more dinner and put out the shavings. When I left, he was pretty relaxed and happy to have his  fluffy bedding! Tomorrow, Aspen!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

The New Digs

So today was moving day. It was pouring all day long. At about 1:30 there was a minor break in the down pour so my hubby helped me quickly load the horses and off we went to our new barn. We unloaded them and took them to their new bedrooms!

Varro in his new stall. He is right next to Aspen with a doorway the separates them.

Aspen's stall across the doorway from Varro. She settled in quickly.

Aspen enjoying her dinner.

Varro eating his dinner.

Beautiful grooming area!

HUGE indoor arena to ride in, anytime I want!

Varro worked himself into a sweaty mess before he finally settled down for the night.

Aspen likes her stall and it's nice to have both horses dry!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Tomorrow's THE Day!

I didn't take pictures when we went to go check out the barn the other day... I forgot my camera! UGH! But trust me when I say my babies are going to love it there for the next couple of months! They will both be in a 12x12 stall with an attached run. The run is shared with the stall next door so it is pretty large for a run! The horses get alternate day turnout in the run, seems like a nice set up! The barn also has a hot water wash rack, grooming area AND most importantly in INDOOR ARENA! I am so excited!

I have a lot to do for the move tomorrow. My panic attacks are becoming less and less frequent especially going into day number 4 of rain. I am charging my battery as I type and will put my camera in my purse tonight before I go to bed. I WILL take pictures of the move and write a longer post tomorrow!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Throwing in the towel

I GIVE!!!!

I love the rain here and appreciate all the promises for Spring it brings, but DANG! I NEED TO RIDE! My attitude is severely suffering without my "usual" daily rides on Woobie. I have decided to board Aspen and Varro for the next couple of months in order to have unlimited access to an indoor arena, 12x12 stalls (in a REAL barn) with attached runs and a wash rack. I am headed over to check things out tomorrow after work. Board is pretty "reasonable" considering it is full board with hay and bedding included. I must admit that I am already having small panic attacks thinking that Woobie and Aspen won't be 5 minutes from my backdoor....

This is hard. I would welcome some comments from anyone who boards about the schedule they have and how they are able to keep the bond with their horses without being the one to provide ALL of the daily care! On the other hand I am really looking forward to riding "everyday" after work and having my babies clean and dry in a barn. I will be posting pictures and a report about our "new barn" tomorrow so stay tuned.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Getting the hang of Washington Winter

I haven't been riding at all lately, but I am slowly figuring out how to keep my horses happy in all this rain! Two weeks ago I picked up a few bags of pelleted bedding to give it a try and I was so pleased with how well they held up! I picked up entire pallet of wood pellets, yes, a TON of pellets yesterday. I cleaned Varro's stall (which only took 40 minutes) and put down more pellets. It is of course raining, so I am in for lunch, some hot tea then will head back out to do Aspen's stall.

In other news, we are planning to breed Aspen in June for a May foal! Here is a picture of the sire: Raleigh's Full Moon

I am really looking forward to this foal. I am hoping for a buckskin tobiano colt... But we all know that Mother Nature doesn't take requests! HAHA I will keep you all posted on her progress.