Olympus Ranch Stables

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Good Horsey Day

A girl from my church... a HORSE CRAZY girl from my church came over today to help me out with the horses! Aspen will be her little project (under my supervision) and she will also help out with chores in order to ride! She is thrilled and so am I! Today we spent a lot of time round penning and building up a bond between her and Aspen then some time grooming. She braided Aspen's mane and had a blast! Once we were done with the horses, we tackled cleaning the corrals. It is nice to have the extra help; help who loves to do the poopy stuff too!

Varro and I had a lesson this afternoon too. It was a good lesson. We worked on him being able to maintain a nice frame, by himself, without me holding him. We also worked on trot/walk transitions. I really like my new trainer! She gets us working every lesson and boy can I feel it when we are done! We did a lot of inside leg to outside rein while we were going to the left. We worked a bit on haunches out too. Varro likes to put himself in a pretzel to evade working so we made him work anyway! He got a bit frustrated and let out a few bucks to try to keep from working and moving forward but it did not work.... I just kept riding him forward! I hope that in a few weeks we will be more like the team we were last year! I really want to start showing this spring!