Olympus Ranch Stables

Thursday, July 24, 2014

How Varro got his groove back

Today was our first day back to work. The rain eased up this morning and I thought to myself, NOW! I went out and gathered all of Varro's tack and placed it next to the round pen. As I walked to the turnout to get him little rain droplets began to fall. I didn't care if my tack DID get wet. I have "procrastinated" long enough. I NEED to get back into a good training schedule with Varro.

When I got him to the round pen, he was SUPER reactive and spooky. I really didn't expect much from him considering it has been several months since our last ride. We started out with some free lunging to get him to calm down enough for me to tack up. That took about 15 minutes. He was still jumpy and uppity but I managed to tack him up. We did another 10 minutes of lunging and then put the bridle on with side reins. He did some fairly nice collected work for me for about 10 minutes then I took the side reins off and did some trot/walk verbal transitions. Once he was giving me some nice calm transitions, I called it a day. I un-tacked him and let him roll in the grass, groomed him and put him back in the turnout!

All in all it was a great first day back to work! Stay tuned as we will be doing workouts every other day for the next few weeks while we build up some muscle and endurance.