Olympus Ranch Stables

Friday, January 31, 2014

Time Flies!

Holy Cow this week flew by so fast! I turned around and the week was over! This was my last week of my college class and my final project is due in a few days. I cannot believe how much time this ONE class took! I am certain I am getting an "A" but will not hold me breath until my final project has been turned in and graded.

On the horse front. I did get some good rides in. Varro was willing and forward in the arena and calm, cool and collected on trail. So nothing new to report there. My hubby and I went for a few rides and Aspen did amazingly well! Here are some pictures: Enjoy!

 Aspen and Hubby getting ready to hit the trail. Varro and I were already in the arena warming up. Aspen was a good girl for him! In some of there pictures, she seems "small" but keep in mind Hubby is 6'1" and about 240 pounds!
 Here they are walking around the arena. I always to a walk-around where ever I am so let the horse be a looky-loo and make sure they can investigate and "monsters" that could be out there.
 Here we are out n about! I am lucky enough to live out on dirt roads... Miles and miles of dirt roads with very little traffic. It makes for a nice place to ride.
This is the last leg of out ride. Aspen was such a good girl and really really stepped it out!
This is one of my favorite views in the world. Woobie was happy to bring up the rear on our ride and was the "steady-eddy."
No matter what shenanigans Aspen came up with, Varro was relaxed and happy to just be out! Next week will be much better for blogging and riding!