Olympus Ranch Stables

Friday, January 17, 2014

#2 Your Favorite Saddle Pad

This is an easy one. My favorite pad is my Blue Plaid Roma. It fits Varro so well. His withers are quite high and some of the other pads I have tried seem to pinch his withers a bit. Here is the handsome Varro modeling my favorite pad:

See how it just hugs the curves of his back? I think he is quite comfortable in this pad. Now, I also use a sheepskin half pad on him but it is not my favorite pad!

I am finally getting into a really good schedule. I just run out of steam by the end of the day to blog about it! LOL I have been round penning Apollo everyday since his arrival. I am a bit dismayed to see that his ligament seems to be more contracted than when he left here. His hoof range of motion is stiffer. So, the plan is to restart his basic rehab and get him on some good supplements.  Anyone have any suggestions? Before and after our round pen sessions, I stretch out that leg and pastern. In the round pen I always start with him walking for at least 5 minutes in each direction then ask him for a slow trot for another 5 min on each side. I am hoping the easy but consistent exercise will help that ligament loosen back up.

While this picture is super cute, and shows how much the boys love each other, I want to point out Apollo's left hind. He always stands with it cocked up like that. That is the leg with the ligament injury. It has healed contracted. Anyone have suggestions for supplements? Exercises? Stretches? Ideas on how to help him to have a better range of motion? ANY help would be MUCHLY appreciated!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dual Post

Firstly I would like to welcome home Apollo! He was an "unsuccessful" placement. I got Apollo a little over a year ago with a torn suspensory ligament. He was in rehab with me and is now sound for trails. His ligament did heal contracted so he does have a slight hitch in is giddy-up LOL. He is a BIG 17.2 and can be pushy if you don't set boundaries right of the bat. I LOVE HIM! Here are a few pictures of him when he got off the trailer!
The boys are back together again!

Apollo back in his old stomping grounds.

Varro wants to play. I think he missed Apollo.

Best buds just hanging out!
Now on to #1 of the 14 Photo Challenge!
1. Your horse's stall

This is Varro's "stall." In the high desert of Southern California it is rare that one actually has a BARN. The weather is usually very very nice so one isn't really needed. So, Varro's "stall" is 24 x 72. During the winter he spends the nights in his stall and his days in the turnout. 
This is the turn out. It is 72 x 120. Plenty of room to run and play. I usually only turnout 2 or 3 horses at a time. During the summers, my horses spend the days in their stalls and nights out in the turnout.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

I fell off the Earth

My apologies! I fell off the face of the Earth! It would seem that going to college is hard! Who knew? This class is pretty intense. It is 4.5 credits and only 4 weeks long! Just Holy Cow! I have tons and tons of homework to do! I haven't even ridden this week! I had all sorts of plans to do the first challenge of the 14 Photos this weekend too. I have class tomorrow so plan to take photos Tues! Until then, here are some pictures to tide you over!

"Make sure you get my good side. Who am I kidding, they are both my good sides!"
This is kind of cheating but this is Varro's stall. You will get a better view of it tomorrow as #1 on the 14 Photo Challenge.
The 4 legged kids enjoying a nice day in the sun!