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Friday, November 28, 2014

Stall Triage

Last week we had a pretty tough wind storm. I was seriously worried that one or two of the trees in our yard was going to snap and crash into the house. A few weeks ago I set up cool canopies to extend my stalls and keep my horses dry. I loved them! Here is a quick view of what they USE to look like:

So, as I said, last week we had a horrible wind storm that completely demolished my lovely stalls! Today I spent most of the day fixing Varro's stall. I found all the pieces of the canopy and reassembled it using "Gorilla Tape" at all of the joints. I also taped down the front of the canopy so that when the wind starts blowing, it won't pick up the canopy. I also taped down the corner ties and pounded in some T-posts to anchor it down better. I am fairly confident that it will stand up to the next wind storm! I did not get Aspen's stall put back together as it started pouring rain just as I was getting the frame put back together.

I am headed to Washington DC for the next few days so will have to finish Aspen's stall and do some touch up on Varro's when I get back.

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