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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Back to the old Woobie

I got Varro out today for a quick workout while the weather was clear and beautiful. He is back to his old reliable self! I round penned him for about 10 minutes then spent about 10 minutes grooming him, cleaning out his hooves and putting "Duresole" on them. His hooves got pretty bad there for a while and the damp weather is NOT helping. It is at times like these that I miss the DRY weather of the desert. I also miss my arena in my front yard that had almost perfect footing everyday. But minor homesickness aside, I am ready to start lessons!

Our first lesson is scheduled for Oct 4th at 4pm. I am going to work on some arena work (weather permitting) this week to prepare for a good lesson. I do not want my first lesson to be him acting the fool and me trying to get him to calm down enough to at least do 1 20m circle! (I can do that for FREE at home!) I am hoping for a productive first lesson. I am not sure when show season starts up here, but want to be ready for a spectacular 2015 show year.

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