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Friday, August 15, 2014

Our first "Away" Ride

I scheduled some time to ride at one of the local arenas today at 2pm! I took Varro out and did a short round pen session. When I say short I mean SHORT! It took all of 5 minutes and Varro was more interested in why the trailer was moved, hooked to the truck and open than in acting up! He pulled me on the trailer! He was so excited to just GO! I don't think he cared one little bit where we were headed. I was concerned he would not want to load after spending those horrendous 1400 miles in the trailer moving up here, but I had nothing to worry about!

Once we got to the arena Varro was a HANDFUL! He slipped, or tripped or just sat down while my hubby was unloading him! He came off of the trailer in all his snorty glory. He was a complete basket case. I took him to the arena and put him on the lunge-line for about 10 minutes to work off some of his energy. Then we went back to the trailer to tack up. He was a Mexican jumping bean! He would NOT stand still. Once I got him saddled, I went to grab his bridle.... I had left it on the chair in the kitchen after I cleaned it!!! ARRRGGG This was not shaping up to be a good first day out. I grabbed Apollo's old bridle and started adjusting it. Once I got him tacked up we went back to the arena for a quick lunge and a walk around the arena. (our normal routine) There was a very scary corner but after a few minutes Varro figured out it was OK.

I hopped up and Varro almost instantly relaxed. We started off with a working trot around the arena. His head was pretty high and his back was hollow. I started doing 20m circles at E until Varro dropped his head and started really moving into the contact. I started doing figure 8s then made my way around the whole arena. I took a brief walk break then started on some canter trot transitions. He did wonderful! I worked in both directions then ended with a nice loose rein free walk. It turned out to be a lovely first day out!

There are 2 arenas that I would like to ride in and alternate them every week. There is a $10 haul in fee so I can only afford to haul in once a week (at least until I am employed!) I can't wait until MY arena is ready to ride in! I am going to have to haul in some sand or some type of footing to put in my arena...

I forgot to give the camera to Hubby, so no pictures this ride.... Next one though!!!

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