Olympus Ranch Stables

Friday, August 1, 2014

Not quite the plan...

So today when I took Varro out for our workout, I noticed he was a tad off on his front right. I decided not to ride today, but did want to do something productive. I started off by round penning him lightly, then took him to the rail for his grooming. He was super fidgety. (I hate that) That is when I decided what we were going to do today. Varro was going to learn to stand quiet at the rail (for grooming, tacking up, etc.) no matter if he was tied or not.

Here we go! I unclasped the lead rope and went about my business of grooming him. Any time he got squirmy or stepped away from me I sent him off at a brisk trot around the round pen. I made him do 2 laps in each direction before allowing him to come back to me then over to the rail. I quietly resumed what I was doing, by now it was just busy work, cleaning out hooves, brushing his tail, whatever I wanted to do until he stepped off again. It took 3 send offs before he got the idea to just stand quiet. So in the end today turned into a spa day. Varro got his mane trimmed, tail brushed, hoof dressing on and lastly a generous dose of fly spray.

About 10 minutes into our session it started thundering with intermitted rain sprinkles. I was glad I decided not to ride. Tomorrow will be a leisure ride around the property and I will ask hubby to take pictures!