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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Awesome Ride!

I had a completely amazing ride on Woobie today. I think I am CLOSE to having my "old" Varro back! We started out with a light round pen session to warm up. We are still tacking up in the round pen but I think we will be able to tack up at the trailer by next week. Once I tacked him up I did just a few laps in each direction to be sure the girth was tight enough. I jumped on and walked around the round pen. Varro was calm, cool and collected...just like he use to be! I got off, opened the gate, hoped back on and away we went. I did some trot work in my arena (the front is OK to ride in but I need some serious work done to be able to ride in the back part) Once he was breathing heavy I decided to just walk around the property for a cool down. Then back to the round pen to untack, then to the trailer for a quick grooming and a couple treats! I think we are ready to haul out to an arena! I scheduled some time for tomorrow at one of the local arenas so will post all about that tomorrow. I will see if Hubby will go and "man the camera."

Keep Calm and just RIDE!

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