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Monday, July 28, 2014

Working the Routine

Varro and I have been working on a new routine. As you recall we BOTH do much better with a solid routine. I have been working him in the round pen and feel confident that tomorrow we can actually start riding! My arena is not quite ready as there are still some weeds and thistles in it. (I have about 3 more days worth of pulling weeds) So I am going to brave it out in the open!

I must say that I am a tad nervous to ride outside the arena, but need to ride! Varro is still pretty "energetic" and "snorty" but not as bad as when we first met! THAT was a crazy horse I tell ya! (but that is another post) We have a farrier appointment first thing in the morning then after that I am going to ride. Tune in tomorrow for the riding update!

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