Olympus Ranch Stables

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Getting things in order

We are finally all up here in beautiful Yelm, WA. I have been spending the last few weeks unpacking and putting up the horse stuff. I thought I would share some pictures of the progress I have been making. I should be riding by next week!
The arena is about half way done. I started putting it up yesterday and should be able to finish it today or tomorrow. It will be schooling size. The plan right now is to turn the horses out in it and let them graze it down to nothing... then start riding (and picking out rocks)
The round pen is up and Varro has been working on his ground manners. It has been over 3 months since he has been ridden/worked and it shows! He is extremely buddy sour and quite pushy again! That will not last long, now that the busy stress of moving is winding down. He will be my well behaved boy again in no time!

Each of the horses have their own 24x48 corral (shelters are not up yet) that opens up to a big 1.5 acres grass pasture. Varro lost a lot of weight during this move but I expect to fatten him up quickly. The baby, Epona, handled the move like a pro. She loves it here and will be so much fun to work with. Aspen is looking great! She has decided to rearrange my panels several times by pushing them around so I finally pounded in some T-Posts to keep her from moving them.

I just love it here and cannot wait to start riding, taking lessons and going to some shows! Now that I am mostly unpacked, I will be posting more frequently! Have a great week everyone!