Olympus Ranch Stables

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Getting back into a routine

Today was a great day in the saddle. I think we are getting into a pretty good routine so far. We tack up in the round pen so if Varro is uppity or extra snorty, I can round pen him for a few minutes then continue tacking up. Today I did just a few minutes of round penning then started tacking up. He only needed one "reminder" that his job is to stand still. Once I got his wraps on and saddle on, I round penned him for about 5 minutes then the bridle. I did not round pen him after the bridle, I mounted and we started walking around the round pen. My hubby opened the gate for us and we walked around the property for about 25 minutes! Varro was very brave! He was sure that there was a monster behind each and every tree but he pushed forward anyway!

We are taking tomorrow off, but Friday I will try to leave the property and perhaps walk down to the corner and back! That might be a little out of reach without a real good arena workout first... I sure wish my arena was ready to ride in already!


  1. I always feel better about riding in general when I stick to a routine :)

    1. Both Varro and I do so much better with a set routine! I am slightly OCD and find great comfort in it. I am sure he feeds off my relaxation and we always have a much better ride!