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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Baby Details

I spent most of the day with Epona yesterday to get to know her and earn her trust. She is such a Doll! This all started about a week ago. I was contacted by her previous owner "E" who was looking for a good home for her. We emailed back and forth several times so I could get this filly's story. "E" bought the mare last year not knowing she was in foal. When she went to pick up the mare, she saw she was out with a gorgeous big black Andalusian but didn't notice he was a stallion... The seller did not say anything so she didn't think anything of it. A few months later it became apparent that her new mare was indeed in foal! What a surprise! Then another surprise came soon after her new mare foaled... "E" found out SHE was pregnant! She already had a toddler so had her hands full! She began looking for a new home for the filly.
While looking for the perfect home, "E" did a lot of work with the filly. She used a gentle hand and lots of patience to teach her how to be a well behaved youngster. She is halter broke, leads, ties, stands for the farrier and genuinely loves to be around people.
After a few more months, "E" began to worry that she would not find a good home for the filly... This is where I come in! "E" found me on facebook and then found the link to this blog. She looked at all of my posts, links to my trainer and contacted me, thinking I might be interested in this filly as a dressage prospect or know someone who might be. So... we emailed back and forth and "E" GAVE me this beautiful filly!!! I feel so lucky!
She is just amazing, well behaved, sensible, relaxed.... She does not spook easily and trusts in people. Here are some cute pictures from hanging out with Epona yesterday.


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    1. Thank you! I can't wait to see what she looks like without her winter woolies! I am hoping she sheds out to be that dark buckskin color like her dam.

  2. She is really gorgeous! You are lucky but so is she!

    1. I think she is beautiful too! I still cannot believe "E" GAVE her to me!!!!