Olympus Ranch Stables

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

4. Favorite area to ride at your facility

Today is absolutely gorgeous! We have a farrier appointment today so we will have a nice ride afterwards! Which is a great lead in to #4: My favorite place to ride at my facility! I LOVE my arena. Here are some pictures of my arena!
Here is a full view of my schooling size dressage arena.

A close up if my new arena letters that Hubby got me for Christmas.

Here is a very excited Woobie warming up before our workout.
There is some good news that I will be announcing next week! A new family member perhaps???


  1. Replies
    1. It is lovely today! The high so far is 71! I love it here... when the wind isn't blowing LOL

  2. I agree, it looks so nice and warm and dry!

  3. For my friends and family that may be "freaking out" at the new family member announcement.... it is of the 4 legged variety!!!!!! HAHAHAHA