Olympus Ranch Stables

Monday, January 20, 2014

Weekend Recap

WOW! We had a great weekend! Varro got some really good arena workouts and one short trail ride. My friend TB has moved to Pheonix, AZ and her horse is being shipped out on Thursday. I will miss my trail buddy! I guess Varro will have to go it alone!

For our arena work, I seem to have plateaued. I am getting excellent up transitions both to trot and canter! Our down transitions have a bit to be desired of. They are rough and abrupt! If I am not careful I feel he will throw me over his head with how fast he slows down! (LOL Not really but you get the idea) He has also gotten a little lazy with his trot and not really powering through like I know he can. I hope to start lessons back up with my Super Duper trainer Liz sometime in March. I am tentatively starting my new job on March 6th so will start lesson with my first paycheck!

Both Apollo and Aspen are doing very well. Apollo gets his 15-20 min workout in the round pen everyday. It is just walking warm up and a bit of trotting followed my a lot of stretching to try to loosen up that ligament. Once I am able to order his Soft Ride boots he will start going out on trail. Aspen is such a good natured girl and really just wants to please you. She is very good at the basics; walk and trot but I have not cantered her yet. I might be breeding her late Spring for a buckskin sporthorse foal. We shall see how is goes..... 


  1. Oooh buckskin foal would be nice! I've always loved buckskins.

    As for your downward transitions one thing I've been trying to help Loki is lifting my reins a bit instead of just pulling back, be sure to sit tall of course and make sure you aren't leaning forward or getting pulled forward which is what happens to me when I'm not careful. I don't know if it will help you guys but it has really helped us. Good luck!

    1. Thank you Amanda! I love any dilute color actually! I think Aspen will give me a lovely foal! Thanks for the pointers too. I will try to concentrate on doing that when I ride tomorrow. It is hard to not have a second set of eyes on my to make sure I am doing what I need to do to help Varro be a success!