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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Day

I LOVE living in Southern California. Where else can you go for a trail ride, on News Years Day, in short sleeves. It is so pretty today. Varro did not want to go for a ride...at all. He wasn't bad or naughty... just very very grumpy. We did a short warm up in the arena, then went on a 45 min or so trail ride.

My friend TB came out today and her horse, Sonny was amazing! He was willing and forward. She had to circle back and wait for Varro and me to catch up HAHAHA I think Woobie needs a day off to relax. The human equivalent of lounging on the couch and playing video games HAHA I think a "Spa Day" is in order.

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  1. They all have their grumpy days. I'm sure a day off will fix him.