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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Great Arena Ride!

WOW! What a great today! I sure hope this ride is a sign of how this New Year is going to go! We did our usual warm up then we started in on our trot work. I did quite a few Up Up Downs and not once did I grab a handful of mane to steady myself! I am really quite proud of that. I felt as if I had pretty good control of myself. I did perhaps lean a little bit forward too much, but I'll take it!

Once my abs were burning I started in on a 20 m circle rising trot. I really wanted to work on Varro's bend as well as his acceptance of contact. For the first circle I did tiny pulses with my inside hand every other stride. The second I did added a little bit of inside calf on the alternate stride. That took some coordination on my part. It was a little sloppy but I got some nice results. Varro had a decent bend but was above the bit.... The 3rd circle I stopped using my inside hand and started using my outside hand and inside calf... It worked He gave a little bit into the contact but I did lose a little bend for it. The final circle I used my inside calf and then alternated between my inside and outside hands. That last circle was wonderful! I gave him a walk break and did the same thing towards the left, followed by another walk break.

After the circles I moved on to figure 8s trying to maintain the correct bend each way. I also tried to keep Varro in a steady trot rhythm. We did 6 figure 8s before moving straight into canter work. I would start the canter at A and do a 20 m circle then ask him to continue to canter all the way to B then trot around the C end of the arena, across the diagonal then canter again at A for a 20 m circle then to E and so on. This seemed to be a great pattern for us today. I completed 4 total (2 in each direction) Varro relaxed into the canter wonderfully and didn't argue at all. After our canter work we had another walk break....This time I think I needed the break more than he did LOL

We finished up with a medium walk/free walk cool down. We kept walking until Varro did not toss his head up when I would start to collect the reins. All in all our ride was about 50 minutes. I LOVE my Woobie!!!!

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