Olympus Ranch Stables

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dual Post

Firstly I would like to welcome home Apollo! He was an "unsuccessful" placement. I got Apollo a little over a year ago with a torn suspensory ligament. He was in rehab with me and is now sound for trails. His ligament did heal contracted so he does have a slight hitch in is giddy-up LOL. He is a BIG 17.2 and can be pushy if you don't set boundaries right of the bat. I LOVE HIM! Here are a few pictures of him when he got off the trailer!
The boys are back together again!

Apollo back in his old stomping grounds.

Varro wants to play. I think he missed Apollo.

Best buds just hanging out!
Now on to #1 of the 14 Photo Challenge!
1. Your horse's stall

This is Varro's "stall." In the high desert of Southern California it is rare that one actually has a BARN. The weather is usually very very nice so one isn't really needed. So, Varro's "stall" is 24 x 72. During the winter he spends the nights in his stall and his days in the turnout. 
This is the turn out. It is 72 x 120. Plenty of room to run and play. I usually only turnout 2 or 3 horses at a time. During the summers, my horses spend the days in their stalls and nights out in the turnout.


  1. Have you had any issues with sand colic? It's amazing how different the living arrangements for our horses can be depending on where in the country/world we live!

    1. That is always a concern out in my neck of the woods. I have not had any problems with sand colic but I also take extreme measures for it NOT to be a problem and am ever vigilant. Firstly I make sure that my horses have hay to munch on 24 hours a day so something is moving through their digestion system at all times. I also give them a weekly dose of "Sand Free." (psyllium) I also do a feed through daily wormer as well as a paste rotation every 3 months. Last year I planted a small turnout with Bermuda grass and during the summers they get to graze on it every other day.