Olympus Ranch Stables

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Great Arena Ride!

WOW! What a great today! I sure hope this ride is a sign of how this New Year is going to go! We did our usual warm up then we started in on our trot work. I did quite a few Up Up Downs and not once did I grab a handful of mane to steady myself! I am really quite proud of that. I felt as if I had pretty good control of myself. I did perhaps lean a little bit forward too much, but I'll take it!

Once my abs were burning I started in on a 20 m circle rising trot. I really wanted to work on Varro's bend as well as his acceptance of contact. For the first circle I did tiny pulses with my inside hand every other stride. The second I did added a little bit of inside calf on the alternate stride. That took some coordination on my part. It was a little sloppy but I got some nice results. Varro had a decent bend but was above the bit.... The 3rd circle I stopped using my inside hand and started using my outside hand and inside calf... It worked He gave a little bit into the contact but I did lose a little bend for it. The final circle I used my inside calf and then alternated between my inside and outside hands. That last circle was wonderful! I gave him a walk break and did the same thing towards the left, followed by another walk break.

After the circles I moved on to figure 8s trying to maintain the correct bend each way. I also tried to keep Varro in a steady trot rhythm. We did 6 figure 8s before moving straight into canter work. I would start the canter at A and do a 20 m circle then ask him to continue to canter all the way to B then trot around the C end of the arena, across the diagonal then canter again at A for a 20 m circle then to E and so on. This seemed to be a great pattern for us today. I completed 4 total (2 in each direction) Varro relaxed into the canter wonderfully and didn't argue at all. After our canter work we had another walk break....This time I think I needed the break more than he did LOL

We finished up with a medium walk/free walk cool down. We kept walking until Varro did not toss his head up when I would start to collect the reins. All in all our ride was about 50 minutes. I LOVE my Woobie!!!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Day

I LOVE living in Southern California. Where else can you go for a trail ride, on News Years Day, in short sleeves. It is so pretty today. Varro did not want to go for a ride...at all. He wasn't bad or naughty... just very very grumpy. We did a short warm up in the arena, then went on a 45 min or so trail ride.

My friend TB came out today and her horse, Sonny was amazing! He was willing and forward. She had to circle back and wait for Varro and me to catch up HAHAHA I think Woobie needs a day off to relax. The human equivalent of lounging on the couch and playing video games HAHA I think a "Spa Day" is in order.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Well looky what I found!

My camera made an appearance when I was cleaning in-between the cushions of the couch! WAHOO! OK first things first: My hubby gave me some new arena letters for Christmas! I LOVE them. Here are a few pictures:
Here is one of my whole arena. It is only a schooling size, but it works for us!
Here are some beauty shots of my new letters! Aren't they good looking?
 So, now for today's ride. It went much better today than the other day. I did my usual warm ups then went into some trot work... My abs are BURNING! I did A LOT of up up downs. I started out using a handful of mane to help me keep my balance but about half way through I quit. I felt like I was still a bit behind his movement but tried to use my core to keep up. We did a lot of trot work today, I mean a lot. We did the 30/45 in each direction, came up centerline then would track left/right, circles at B/E and also free walked in-between each new exercise. All in all it was a really good workout. I know I need to work on my own strength and balance but that WILL come with more practice. Enjoy some pictures of our ride today! (Notice the new front boots from the Sprinkler Bandit give-a-way and the new polos in back from Secret Santa! THANK YOU!!!)

Monday, December 30, 2013

The catch up post

It has been a few days since my last post. It seems that my camera is MIA! (Missing in action) I kept hoping it would appear so I could take those pictures I have been promising but alas, not yet. So, I will have to just report on my rides:

I have been on a few rides since my last post. I had a lovely arena workout with Varro on Thursday. He was willing a forward! I have noticed that I am using the reins too much for my own balance... UGH! I thought I was getting better at that.... I am a little frustrated about it. On the diagonals I would ask Woobie to really power up and extend himself. He would push right into the contact and go! When he really got going, I felt as if he was going to pop me out of the saddle and I couldn't keep up... I used the reins for balance, pulling on his mouth and he would respond with an almost halt. I NEED to be a better rider NOW! It is not fair to him! SO FRUSTRATED!

The next ride Varro was less willing to be so forward (can you really blame him?) We did a few circles etc. and then went on a 2.5 hour trail ride. He was very good and enjoyed it. His head was nice an low (not a giraffe) and he just plodded along! Nothing seemed to bother him!

Our last ride was about 15-20 min in the arena...He seemed off. I would ask him to trot and he was sluggish, didn't push at all from his hind end, very short strides. I got off and check for stones in his hooves, heat in his legs etc. and didn't notice anything! I got back on and decided to go for a short trail ride. He was slow and sluggish out on trail too. We were only out for about 30 min. I think he was just stiff/sore from our super long tail ride. I gave him a good rub down with some liniment and gave him some turn out time. I gave him yesterday off so hope that today he is feeling better.

Let's hope that pesky camera shows up soon!