Olympus Ranch Stables

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Post Christmas Post

This post is all about the last few days. I am so very blessed with good friends and family who understand and even enable my horse craziness. My hubby got me some arena letters and we are going to put them in today! I also got some awesome blue polo bandages from Sprinkler Bandit for the blogger gift exchange! Pictures of all my horsey gifts will be posted tonight!

I have not gotten to ride the past few days as our social calendar has been a bit crowded. We are putting the letter around my schooling arena today so I hope to go for a short ride this afternoon. Hubby is home from work today so hopefully he will be able to take some pictures.

I would also like to thank each of you for reading and commenting on this blog! The support this community has shown me has been so important.  I appreciate you ALL! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Tune back in this evening for pictures galore!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Riding with the New Boots

I LOVE the front boots! They fit very well and stayed put! They provided just the right amount of support! The hind boots on the other hand kept creeping up Varro's leg then twisting. Perhaps I did not put them on correctly but I ended up taking them off 20 min into our ride. I will do some research and make sure that "user error" isn't involved and try again tomorrow. I didn't get any pictures of the boots on Woobie today as I left my camera inside... I will be sure to take it out with me tomorrow and get several pictures. I was so very pleased with the fit and how secure and comfortable the front boots were (Woobie LOVED them) that I am SURE the hind boots are user error! More to report on that tomorrow!

On to our ride! Once of my friends, CP trailered out and went for a ride with us! I worked Varro in the arena first for about 40 minutes a: to try out the boots and see how they worked and b: to get him warmed up and in the right frame of mind to hit the trail. When CP arrived and unloaded her horse, Varro was soooo nosey about it! He tried everything he could to get out of working so he could head over and investigate. He was naughty, just very curious!

Once CP warmed up her horse off we went. We rode around for over 2 hours and both horses behaved amazingly well! When we got back, I took off the front boots as was super pleased to see that they hadn't slipped around or twisted. Varro seemed very comfortable in them. AWESOME!