Olympus Ranch Stables

Friday, December 20, 2013

Guess what came in the mail today!

So, I went to the Post Office to check my mail and I got a package notification. I went to the desk to get it and the post lady brought it out. (Insert squeals of delight here!) It was my new boots from Dream Horse Studios! If you recall Sprinkler Bandits hosted a fabulous contest give-a-way for some amazing open front boots! Well kiddies, I WON!!!! I was to terribly excited to get them and so far they were SOOOO worth the wait! My "riding window" is closed for the day so tomorrow I will give the riding portion of my review!

In the mean time here are my impressions of them straight from the box:

I opened the box and was so pleased with the color of these boots! Blue just happens to be my favorite color EVER!

 These boots are extremely well made. The insides are soft, pliable and look like they will be very comfortable for Woobie to wear. The straps are very heavy duty with some stretch to them as well.
The detail stitching is just beautiful! I love the design. First impression? I love these boots! I think Woobie will too! Tune back in tomorrow when I put them on Woobie and take 'em for a spin!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Double Headder

Today was my first day working both horses. Knowing what a "Diva" he can be I took Varro out first and we had a lovely ride! We did our normal warm up and then moved on to trot work. He was quite willing today so I mainly spent time on his canter today! He was a champ today! Our fair weather seems to be ending as it is cold and damp again today. We only spent about 30 min in the arena, as I am worried about him getting too sweaty and not have time to dry out before the temperature bottoms out for the night. All in all he was wonderful....until....

As I said yesterday, it is time to restart Aspen. She is bored silly and is finding new ways to get into trouble. She needs a job and an outlet for her curiosity/energy. I took her out and started round penning her (like normal) once she was warmed up and ready to listen I took her over to the trailer to tack up. You would have thought I took Varro's Christmas presents away! He started throwing a first class fit! His corral is right next to the trailer and he paced up and down the rail snorting at Aspen! It was CRAZY! He was NOT a happy camper! Aspen didn't pay him any mind though.

We went into the arena and I automatically walked her around the outside of the dressage court like I do Varro and then to the mounting block. She was a bit antsy at the mounting block but stood relatively well for mounting. I got up on her and asked her to move forward. We walked around the inside of the dressage court stopping at E,C and B. Then walked to the gate and I got off and told her what a good girl she was! All the while Varro was throwing his fit! I didn't realize he was such a spoiled brat... HAHAHA (I kinda did, but am in denial)

Great day all the way around!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A new training challange

Well, I have taken on a new training challenge! My hubby has a draft cross mare that he hasn't had the time to work with. She is about 16.3, around 5 or 6 years old and is VERY green broke; like Neon Lime Green! She has only had maybe 4 or 5 rides. She is very easy to handle and has a super work ethic, wanting to please no matter what is asked of her. I have done quite a bit of ground work with her (my specialty) and she is attentive and responsive. My hubby is not going to be able to restart her anytime soon and she desperately needs a job! So, starting tomorrow I will have 2 horses to ride!

Meet Aspen! I expect her to be easy to ride and eager to learn! You better watch out Woobie, you might not be the ONLY one I take to the shows next year!!!!

Pretty Girl!!!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Bestest Day EVER!

So as I started my chores this morning I had a song stuck in my head: (To the tune of It's My Party)

It's my Birthday and I'll ride if I want to
Ride if I want to
Ride if I want to
You would ride too if Woobie belonged to you!

So with that said, yes it is my birthday today and I chucked all my normal chores out the window and spent the day with Woobie! We did our normal arena warm ups and he gave me some real nice trot work so I decided to continue the workout out on the trail!

We spent an hour on trail working on trot/canter transitions, leg yields, walk/trot transitions and free walking! We had so much fun out there. I am so proud of him! When we got back we had a mini beauty parlor day. I clipped his bridal path and did his mane. It was getting pretty long and unruly!

It was so nice today that I was outside all afternoon in short sleeves! Awesome Day all the way around!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Another Beautiful Day

It is just like a gorgeous Spring day here and Varro was awesome today! First, I want to let you all know about my recent fitness quest. 2 years ago I had a serious back injury and have been fighting "The Battle of the Bulging Breeches" ever since. Earlier this year I got spinal injections and so far the pain has been greatly reduced! Last week my sister turned me on to a new fitness site: www.myfitnesspal.com (It's kind of like Facebook for fitness) Anyway, I created a profile and have tried to stick to being a healthier version of myself.... Drum roll please... I lost 5 pounds this week! WAHOOO!!!

OK So, on to the reason you are reading this blog. My ride on Varro was wonderful! I was expecting him to be a little argumentative since it has been over a week since we have had a good arena workout. I started out with A LOT of walking as a warm up. Like 10 minutes of collected and free walking. Woobie was a little resistant in the beginning and DID NOT want to trot. He turned himself into a pretzel to keep from having to work. I immediately went into the up up down exercise. This seems to calm him down and give him something to focus on rather than being a brat. It really helps me too. My legs were a but weak as I did do a 2 mile run this morning.... It took me one diagonal to get my timing down and Varro really started his power trot on the second diagonal! We ended up doing a lot for trot work. I did a lot of different patterns trying to change it up to keep him guessing what I was going to ask next. This approach really made a difference. He was attentive and just powered from his hind end! Once we were both breathing fairly hard I slowed to a walk and let  him take the reins.

I finished off the workout with him walking around the property to cool off. There is a particular "scary" place over by the chicken coop that Woobie is certain is home to a Palomino Horse Eating Monster. I tried to walk him by it and he had a fit... I guess he wasn't tired enough. I got off and walked him back and forth several times and let him sniff around. Once he settled down I called it good for the day! Can't wait for tomorrow!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Beautiful Weather, Beautiful Ride!

Today started out great! My excellent hubby fixed my little tractor last night so I could drag the corrals! I have been mucking them out by hand for the past week. Keep in mind that each corral is 24x72.... UGH! Was I ever getting a workout. But I digress...

I got all my corrals dragged along with the arena! They look so beautiful! The sun is shining and there is NO wind at all. It is a pleasant 55 degrees out so my friend TB came out for a trail ride today. Varro was a champ!

I took him to the round pen about 30 minutes early thinking he was going to be a handful and need to blow off some steam before the ride:
As you can tell by these pictures, Woobie was a "wild man" hahaha. He trotted around the round pen a couple times, stuck his tongue out at me and just stood there... I think we are ready to tack up and get on our way.

We went over to the trailer to tack up. Varro was easy going and only got uppity when TB arrived and started tacking up her horse.

We went to the arena and did our usual warm up while we waited for TB to join us. Woobie was a DOLL! We went for a short ride, maybe about 45 min. Long enough for both horses to stretch their legs and work up a tiny sweat. Woobie enjoyed getting out and relaxing on the trail... Tomorrow; the arena!
Woobie had the tiniest of sweat marks when we got back.