Olympus Ranch Stables

Saturday, November 2, 2013

WEEEEEEE!!! (shreik of delight)

It has been a few days since I have gotten to ride. It was a little windy and Varro was especially full of himself today. I had to round pen him for a few minutes before tacking him up as he was quite "snorty."
Varro being very snorty!
Once he was all tacked up we did our customary walk around the outside of the dressage arena then the mount up. To warm up we did A LOT of walking around the whole arena. Once Varro figured out we were going to ride no matter how snorty he was he settled down and I asked for a trot. It was a sticky transition, not his best work. I kept it going with A LOT of leg for the long side then let him walk and continued with trot on the long sides and walk on the shorts until he was happily moving forward. I then moved into 20m circles. I alternated with trot and canter in each direction and did some free walking in-between. I finished up with up up down on the diagonals after one complete "X" I did a 20m circle at A and encouraged Varro to drop his head so we could start work on the "stretchy trot." He did it! In both directions! End on a positive note!!! I love this boy!
Not from today but Varro was just as tired after our ride!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Would you like a chance to win these boots???? Read on!
Fellow blogger "Sprinkler Bandit" is hosting a very cool contest! Head on over to her blog to check it out. I secretly hope you don't as I really want to win these boots for myself! Varro would look amazing in these, in royal blue of course! Don't you think??
On another note, it is a little chilly today. I plan to ride around 10 and will work on my personal balance. I really like the up up down exercise that I have been using for the past week or so. I think it has really helped me not get left behind Varro's movement in the trot. Today I think I will integrate one more exercise and will blog about how it goes tonight! Stay tuned!   

Monday, October 28, 2013

Introductions of Sorts

The weather is absolutely horrible today. Way too bad to ride. It is so windy here that I am almost certain that I saw Dorothy's house fly by a few minutes ago! I thought a fun game of questions was in order and a great way for you to get to know me! Feel free to copy/paste into your blog too!

1-At what age did you learn to ride?
I cannot remember my first solo ride but have pictures of me on a horse before I could even sit up on my own. My Grandad would put me up on his horse "Old Mare" and steady me. I have ridden my whole life and will continue to ride for the rest of it.

2-How old was the horse you learned to ride on?
I learned to ride on Old Mare, a Quarter Horse but when I turned 12 or so we got a cute little Quarter Pony named Little Bit... She taught me to really ride! If you know ponies, you get that statement!!

3-What is your favorite color of horse?
I am a sucker for dilutes: Palomino and Buckskins are my favorite. Once I move to a more temperate climate away from the desert sun of Southern California I would like to get a Perlino.

4-How many times have you fallen off?
This is a tricky question. I have fallen off 3 times. Once when I was a kid I fell asleep on Little Bit in the warm afternoon sun, she walked a few steps and off I rolled! It was hilarious! I took a header when I was learning to jump and I was tossed just a few months ago when a horse spooked on a trail ride. All pretty uneventful. I have learned however that I do not bounce any more when I hit the ground. I kind of "thud" so I try really hard to hot to come off! LOL

5-What is your favorite Breed?
I LOVE Warmbloods and Draft crosses, the bigger the better. I also love Paints. In the next year or so I would like to get a baby to train from the ground up. I also really like OTTBS... ALOT! I love their spunk and loyalty!

6-What do you feed your horse? 
I feed my horses free choice grazing Bermuda hay. Each horse gets their own bale and when it is gone they get another. I also feed Safe Choice Original mixed with beet pulp and electrolytes.

7-Supplements: yes or no?  
I do feed supplements. I use Platinum Performance Equine and Smart Bug Off from Smart Pak. Didn't start the bug off in time to make a difference over the summer so I cannot attest to it effectiveness but I love Platinum Performance (PP) I love the results I have gotten and Varro really likes it too!
8-What disciplines do you ride in? 
I ride Dressage but grew up Western. I recently rode Western for a quick ride and it felt sooooo weird! I couldn't feel the horse's movements or use subtle hip movements to influence movement and direction. I have gotten very spoiled!

9-Do you compete?  
Yes, next year I start competing in RATED shows!

10-How many days a week do you usually ride?
I ride just about everyday. Living in Southern California the weather is stunning 350 days a years. The other 15 it is pretty windy. It is NEVER too cold!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Short n Sweet

Today was just lovely! I was lucky enough to have hubby come out and call Intro C for me a couple times. Total ride time was only about 20 minutes, "end on a positive note" I always say! With minimal warm up Varro tackled the Intro C test willingly. His transitions were a little sticky the first time through but the second time was great! We finished off with up up down and then a casual walk around the arena.

I gave Varro a couple days off and am glad I did. He was relaxed and happy to get back to work. Tomorrow our dog Sassy has to go to the vet so I am not sure what my riding goal will be. Probably another short ride. I might pull out the book 101 Dressage Exercises for some inspiration.