Olympus Ranch Stables

Monday, August 19, 2013

Riding a hand grenade

Varro and I hit the trail this evening with a friend and her horse. Varro was ridiculous! His head was so far in the air you would think his sire was a giraffe! We went a different route than normal, but we have been down that road before so it wasn't like it was a brand new route. No dogs were out, no cars to worry about, NOTHING! I have NO idea what his deal was! Varro was so tense it felt as if he were a hand grenade with the pin pulled about to blow! It has been so long since he has been like this on trail. I guess this week not only will I need to do a lot of arena work, solo trail rides are in order!

Once we got back I did a short 10 minute workout in the arena and did a little bit of the counter bending and a couple trot/canter transitions. In the arena he was a champ! Tomorrow....arena