Olympus Ranch Stables

Sunday, July 14, 2013

My first lesson...

As you all know I LOVE my trainer Liz. She has been my trainer for 2 (ish) years. I have been forced to take the majority of this year off due to my back problems sooooo this could be considered my first lesson. I have been riding for about 2 months but am just now getting back into lessons.

Today I learned that I have turned into a "Nag." I have been giving Varro cues over and over or giving extended squeeze cues thus causing him ignore me or give me sticky responses. So today we worked on "Move when I say MOVE!" Give one light cue and if I didn't get the response I wanted, give a BIG kick or a light cue with a pop with the whip. It worked! We worked mainly with the full arena and whenever I felt him changing speed (rhythm) I gave a light cue followed by a light cue/pop if I did not get the correct response. It didn't take long before Varro got the message!

We also worked a lot on MY position. During my time off I have gotten to be a lazy rider. (I wonder where Varro got being Lazy from? LOL) I worked on keeping my legs INACTIVE! Keeping my legs quiet, relaxed and OFF Varro unless I was asking for something. I also needed some work on my posture: shoulders back and asking for the half halts through my shoulders/elbows rather than hands/elbows. It worked beautifully. Varro is quite sensitive and responded very well to my lighter aids and more balanced seat!

I will continue to work on these things until my next lesson in 2 weeks!