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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Living in the Middle of Nowhere!

I have been living in the desert for nearly10 years and sometimes I forget that most new-commers to our area are use to having horse supply stores within a 20 min drive of the barn. We do have 3 really great feed stores in the area but the selection of tack (in particular English/Dressage) is severly lacking. So I thought I would share a few of my favorite online shopping sites.

First and foremost is my all time favorite:

Here you will find everything from Rider Apparel to Bell Boots and everything inbetween. Their prices are quite reasonable and the selection is fantastic!

My back up site for English/Dressage is:

They also have a pretty good selection (more for basic accessories, not so much for dressage) Their prices are excellent. They also carry a good selection of stable supplies and supplements.

For basic stable supplies like buckets, fly sprays, wormers etc. my go to site is:

I order something from them once a month. I am building a wonderful supply of fly control items. They have the best prices and really good quality items. Right now I order several of the Fly Sticks and Fly Traps each month and have managed to keep up with the fly population so far!

For supplements I like to order from:

I have supplements on automatic shipment for most of my horses. They are a little pricey but the quality of the supplements I get, cannot be beat. Apollo is on a SmartFlex Rahab (Joint/Ligiment Rehab Pellets), Major is on Smart Hoof (Hoof Supplement Powder) Varro is on SmartFlex Maintenance (Joint/Ligiment General Health Pellets) I also have Fly Predators on autoship too! Here is a link to Fly Predator information.

If you have livestock then you have a fly problem: With Fly Predators, my fly population is easily handled by the fly sticks and traps... so far. Start using them in early Spring right as the weather starts to warm up, NOT after you see your first fly. By then, it is too late and you may never catch up with the fly population. Here in the high desert we don't really have a winter so it wouldn't hurt to use them all year long. The weather heats up and cools down in the Spring time and gives false starts of Spring... my advice? Just sprinkle them out once a month ALL year long and be done with the aggrivation!

So, these are my mainstays for a healthy herd... What do you do for your "ponies?"

Monday, April 1, 2013

I love FedEx

Apollo's boots got here today! I cannot wait to get them home and try them on him! I am SURE he will be so much more comfortable with them on! I am still hoping that after my next injection I will be able to ride! I will post pics of the new boots tonight!

Part 2: The weather was horrible tonight... very very windy so no pictures BUT Apollo LOVES his boots within minutes he was standing square on all fours! He was immediately more comfortable. I am very excited to now have him ready to ride... Now only if I were ready! Standby for pictures as soon as the weather cooperates.

Part 3: Got some nice pictures of Apollo's new boots!