Olympus Ranch Stables

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Amazing Ground Work Day busy busy busy!

Varro was wonderful today. I have a feeling he will be board with ground work soon but for now he is enjoying the "freedom" of it all! Our round pen sessions usually go around 25-35 min, just long enough for him to work up a good sweat. He is super light and is beginning to try to anticipate my commands. He is also getting very smooth with his trot/canter transitions! I hope that I learn enough during this hiatus from riding that when I do get to ride I will be able to be a better rider!

The second stage of my ground work day was Apollo. He got his liniment rubbed in and his leg stretched. Right after I put Apollo up, I got Major out and did a good grooming session. There is enough hair on the ground to crochet a small shetland pony! haha

Saving the best for last! ASPEN! I did a little round penning with her and had a blast! She is going to be so much fun to play with!