Olympus Ranch Stables

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Well looky what I found!

My camera made an appearance when I was cleaning in-between the cushions of the couch! WAHOO! OK first things first: My hubby gave me some new arena letters for Christmas! I LOVE them. Here are a few pictures:
Here is one of my whole arena. It is only a schooling size, but it works for us!
Here are some beauty shots of my new letters! Aren't they good looking?
 So, now for today's ride. It went much better today than the other day. I did my usual warm ups then went into some trot work... My abs are BURNING! I did A LOT of up up downs. I started out using a handful of mane to help me keep my balance but about half way through I quit. I felt like I was still a bit behind his movement but tried to use my core to keep up. We did a lot of trot work today, I mean a lot. We did the 30/45 in each direction, came up centerline then would track left/right, circles at B/E and also free walked in-between each new exercise. All in all it was a really good workout. I know I need to work on my own strength and balance but that WILL come with more practice. Enjoy some pictures of our ride today! (Notice the new front boots from the Sprinkler Bandit give-a-way and the new polos in back from Secret Santa! THANK YOU!!!)


  1. Feel the burn!! I love that feeling. :)

    I'm curious if you are sure of your saddle fit for you and/or Varro. If you feel like you are behind the motion a lot is it possible that your saddle is tipping you back some or somehow out of balance? Just a thought.

    Keep up the hard work. It will be worth it!

  2. Thanks Amanda! I would love to blame some of it on my saddle LOL but am pretty sure it is weakness on my part. I spent most of this year off due to a serious back injury and only started riding again in Sept. I just need to get my strength back :-) Varro has been pretty patient with me, but I can tell he really wants to move out and needs me to be able to keep up :-)

  3. I LOVE the boots and polos together! So pretty.

    I'm kind of in to blue. ;-)

    1. Blue is my FAVORITE color! Woobie LOVES both the front boots and the polos in back. I think that is his favorite combo!