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Monday, December 30, 2013

The catch up post

It has been a few days since my last post. It seems that my camera is MIA! (Missing in action) I kept hoping it would appear so I could take those pictures I have been promising but alas, not yet. So, I will have to just report on my rides:

I have been on a few rides since my last post. I had a lovely arena workout with Varro on Thursday. He was willing a forward! I have noticed that I am using the reins too much for my own balance... UGH! I thought I was getting better at that.... I am a little frustrated about it. On the diagonals I would ask Woobie to really power up and extend himself. He would push right into the contact and go! When he really got going, I felt as if he was going to pop me out of the saddle and I couldn't keep up... I used the reins for balance, pulling on his mouth and he would respond with an almost halt. I NEED to be a better rider NOW! It is not fair to him! SO FRUSTRATED!

The next ride Varro was less willing to be so forward (can you really blame him?) We did a few circles etc. and then went on a 2.5 hour trail ride. He was very good and enjoyed it. His head was nice an low (not a giraffe) and he just plodded along! Nothing seemed to bother him!

Our last ride was about 15-20 min in the arena...He seemed off. I would ask him to trot and he was sluggish, didn't push at all from his hind end, very short strides. I got off and check for stones in his hooves, heat in his legs etc. and didn't notice anything! I got back on and decided to go for a short trail ride. He was slow and sluggish out on trail too. We were only out for about 30 min. I think he was just stiff/sore from our super long tail ride. I gave him a good rub down with some liniment and gave him some turn out time. I gave him yesterday off so hope that today he is feeling better.

Let's hope that pesky camera shows up soon!


  1. Hope you find your camera!

    Don't let your frustration get you too down! Keep practicing. I find the post two beats and sit one exercise to really help my balance at the trot. You'll get there, I'm sure!

    1. I LOVE the up up down! I do it most every day! Maybe I should do it for a longer length of time... Thank you so much for the support. I will get in a better ride today! :-)