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Friday, December 20, 2013

Guess what came in the mail today!

So, I went to the Post Office to check my mail and I got a package notification. I went to the desk to get it and the post lady brought it out. (Insert squeals of delight here!) It was my new boots from Dream Horse Studios! If you recall Sprinkler Bandits hosted a fabulous contest give-a-way for some amazing open front boots! Well kiddies, I WON!!!! I was to terribly excited to get them and so far they were SOOOO worth the wait! My "riding window" is closed for the day so tomorrow I will give the riding portion of my review!

In the mean time here are my impressions of them straight from the box:

I opened the box and was so pleased with the color of these boots! Blue just happens to be my favorite color EVER!

 These boots are extremely well made. The insides are soft, pliable and look like they will be very comfortable for Woobie to wear. The straps are very heavy duty with some stretch to them as well.
The detail stitching is just beautiful! I love the design. First impression? I love these boots! I think Woobie will too! Tune back in tomorrow when I put them on Woobie and take 'em for a spin!


  1. I love them! They are so cool. CAn't wait for the review.

  2. Cool!! Can't wait to see how they ride!

  3. These are the best boots I have every seen!!!!