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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Finally time to ride

Thanksgiving weekend was wonderful! I got to spend some time with my wonderful family and eat some fabulous food. I did not get much time for riding, but made time today. Varro was very snorty, bucky and full of himself! I lunged him for a good 20 min then tacked up and even lunged him a bit on the line in the arena before the ride. My friend TB came over for a trail ride and I had a great time! We did not work in the arena at all today just warmed up a bit to make sure Varro wasn't going to buck me off, then away we went.

Woobie was quite alert for the first few minutes of the ride, not naughty, just alert. After about 10 minutes he lowered his head and just ambled along for the rest of the ride. I was so proud! Most of the ride was uneventful. We did have to contend with some "desert vehicles" speeding up the dirt roads but the horses did fine.

Tomorrow I am going to accompany a friend to the vet. Her horse is a bit L A M E.... so no ride. The vet is about a 2 hour haul... Next ride: Tues. it will be arena work, and lots of it.

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